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Use Pre Event Marketing To Increase The Impact Of Your Trade Show Booth

By Barbara Jane Radcliff

Every company wants to attract the maximum possible publicity when it is presenting its products at a marketing event like a trade show. If you are putting up a trade show booth, you would have spent a considerable amount of money renting the space, buying a booth or using a trade show booth rentals service. To get maximum return on your investment, consider pre-event marketing to increase the effectiveness of your booth.

Why you need pre-event marketing

If an entrance fee is being charged for the trade show, then there will be some amount of advertising in the local papers or trade magazines to attract the attention of the public. If it is an invitation-only event or just for a select group of people, there would be hardly any advertising. But most trade shows are open to the general public and often charge a nominal entrance fee. Similar to how the trade show organizers generate publicity for the show, a pre-marketing effort from your side will ensure that at least a section of the target audience knows that your company is displaying its products at the show. A well-thought promotional campaign of your own goes a long way in assuring traffic to your booth.

Using the media

Using print media and television can be a good way to reach out to your target audience if your presence is largely unknown. Direct mail advertising is also preferred as it adds a personal touch. Using local television or radio channels is very effective and would be relatively inexpensive. Making sure that all your advertising is done in the week leading up to the event will ensure that it stays in the public’s memory.

Promising a gift

Mailing potential visitors cards that can be redeemed for a gift or promising to distribute them at the show entrance is a way to ensure that the traffic is diverted to your booth. Here they pick your company’s literature and see all your products. Once a crowd gathers, you could give a presentation about your company and its products. This is also a good time to collect information about your visitors and get their feedback. If you are planning a big promotional event, make sure you have a large, good quality booth to make a good impression. You can rent one at reasonable costs from a trade show booth rentals service.

Giving show visitors a gift in advance will make them more receptive to the information you are sharing with them. A gift that bears your company logo is ideal.

There are many ways to advertise your participation in a trade show and a combination of ideas usually works best. Work out your promotions budget so that you have enough to pay towards other expenses such as trade show booth rentals and audio-visual equipment rentals. After you attract a considerable amount of traffic to your booth, make sure that they go back with a positive impression of your company.

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The Economic And Environmental Benefits To Using Alternatives For Water Purification In Albany

byAlma Abell

Did you know that some bottled water manufacturers actually have less laws governing the production of their purification systems than the city water systems in your local jurisdiction?Bottled water companies in some of the bigger city’s such as New York sell over a billion bottles a year making a problem not just for what they are advertising to their customers but the problem that the waste is producing in the environment. If you are looking for Water Purification in Albany make sure you know the statistics about the type of water you consuming.

What you are looking for in your drinking water is to be free of contaminants and to have a good tasting product. For the most part you can find that in any city water system but the advertising companies would have you believe that the only water free and clear of contamination would be from plastic bottling products. This is not the case especially when you consider that some water companies have less rules on their production than the local city tap water. In addition, the water that comes from the local tap is tested more frequently than the major produces of bottled water.

Not only is the city water or other type of localized production of Water Purification in Albany better for you, but it also is better for the environment. Did you know that bottled water production alone contributes to the waste of 20 million barrels of oil? That is just to make the bottles of water which inevitably the majority of which get thrown into a landfill. Close to 90% of these bottles go into the local landfill and not into the recycle barrel. What about when these bottles get broken down or incinerated and release toxins into the air that no amount of drinking water can wash away?

Both environmentally and economically, bottled water is a bad idea not to mention what little benefit the water is for the consumer. Looking into H2O Solutions gives the individual consumer the choice between great tasting and better for you water. Every consumer knows how convenient bottled water is, for now anyway. In the long term however, the problems for the environment and the economy are not worth the convenience.

Collectors Wondering Where To Get Tiny Bottles Of Liquor For Their Personal Collection

Originally produced for the airline and hotel industry miniature bottles of liquor has been gaining popularity as collectible items.

As alcohol retailers slowly start to phase out these small bottles of liquor, in favour of slightly larger medium sized bottles, the rarity factory has begun to increase causing the collectible factor to rise significantly as well.

Travellers are quite familiar with these cool little alcoholic vessels often given out freely on a plane or in a hotel room. They are the perfect size for those who just want a taste or sample of their favourite alcoholic beverage in a convenient container a fraction of the size of the original.

Many people frequently don’t even attempt to open the bottle as they want to retain the colourful liquid contents within which add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the bottle itself. They will take it home and display it on their shelf or in their custom display case. Some even have a mini-bar in their kitchen specifically designed for these mini bottles. As you can clearly see, these are avid collectors who simply like to admire their favourite brands of drinks instead of just drinking them and then discarding the bottle afterwards.

Even though properly license alcohol establishments began selling them as sample bottles to both regular consumers and collectors alike they have slowly started to shift away from these miniature sizes in favour of slightly large bottles labelled as “medium-sized”. One obvious reason is so that they can obtain a higher profit margin for a larger bottle and reduce their overall manufacturing costs of producing numerous smaller bottles. As a result, for those brands that still produce them they have become much more limited in production runs and therefore many of them have become rarer.

In fact, some have chosen either to stop manufacturing those sizes altogether while others only include them on the full size bottles as a free attachment. This means that for collectors it is harder and harder to simply find them on store shelves as standalones without having to spend the extra cash to pay for the full size bottle as well.

Tiny bottles of liquor have become so popular over the years that there have been sites and forums dedicated solely to exchanging information on them. Many of the people who visit these sites often ask the question of where to get miniature bottles of liquor of various brands from different countries. Fortunately, there are many previous generations of collectors who are willing to part with their rare or vintage small bottles of liquor and sell them on various independent retail sites. This allows the collector to find almost any brand that they want from any country in the world.

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Author: Tony Tracy

What Are The Emergency Scratch Repair Techniques For Wood Furniture?}

What Are The Emergency Scratch Repair Techniques for Wood Furniture?


AnuradhaOnly some things are as unacceptable as that first rough scratch on a new piece of furniture. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the piece of furniture is overall, you doesn’t see the whole piece when you look at the scratch. Of course, it is natural to consider that the scratch is the only thing that your guests notice, too. Short of having the whole piece refurbished, what can be done about a nasty scratch? There is three Mohawk touch up markers used by many professional furniture refinishers that can be carefully made to order for home use. The materials required are easy to find and the techniques are simple to learn.

Make the Scratches Invisible to the Casual Observer:


The main motive is to repair the scratch from the furniture well enough so that it is not able to get the attention of itself; you would like to repair the scratch as it unnoticed by your guests. In the refinishing business, those repairs are known as “invisible to the casual observer”. It is exposing by close examination that it has been repaired otherwise, the repair goes unobserved.A Natural-marking Repair:

The easiest method to get a reasonable repair is to resemble the natural markings in the wood grain. Mineral streaks, color and grain variations, small knots, flecking and sap pockets and every cut of wood give a unique personality to the furniture. An extra natural look can be achieved by matching the color of the markings or grain instead of the overall color of the wood stain.

The Crayon Technique for Wood Repair:

Colored wax brushwood is usual for repairing the furniture; you can be found it in almost every paint store. The main issue with these sticks is that they only available in a few colors and are difficult to find the right one that will exactly match with wood grain. This issue can be solved if you remember that this brushwood is just wax, like a Crayola crayon. Crayons come in many different colors and work immediately as well. If the scratches are very deep, a crayon is the best option for repair. To repair this, you will require the suitable color crayon, piece of solid plastic or an old credit card, some Naptha, a rag and some 0000-grade steel wool.

The Mohawk Touch up Markers Technique:

Mohawk Touch up markers

are available at almost every paint stores. These markers are like the Magic Markers but they are filled with furniture stain instead of ink. Touch up markers has broadly felt applicator instructions, Like Magic Markers. Generally, these instructions are much wider than a nasty scratch and tend to make scratches more noticeable rather than less noticeable.

The best advantage to use these markers, you can rub the marker along the length of the scratch until the color fills into the scratch. Then, quickly touch your finger and rub the excess color from around the scratch. You will be reduced the scratch from your furniture by this technique. These three methods will allow you to make suitable repairs to most scratches that placed on your furniture. You will notice that where the scratch is, but your guests would not.

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Michigan Fishing At Her Finest

Submitted by: Wendell Demont

Fishing is no doubt one the most relaxing and refreshing escapes to clear the mind and enjoy mother nature at her fullest. Who doesn’t remember the first time they caught a fish, the feeling of absolute bliss when they hold their first catch high for all to see. Whether it be on a boat floating on a lake, waist deep in the running waters of a river, or sitting on shore, the feeling is always the same. Fishing is a peaceful way to sit back and get lost is one’s thoughts. The feel of the breeze on your skin as you sit back and get caught up in the natural rhythm of the water. Peace and quite, something that is extremely hard to come by these days. Heaven has never been so close.

Of the many places that I have fished none have left a lasting

impression with me the way Michigan did. Michigan boasts hundreds of great lakes filled to the brim with a huge assortment of fish. Michigan also boasts hundreds of miles worth of rivers which are also great for fishing. Lake Trout, Anglers, and Walleye, you name it and Michigan has it. I had heard that the upper peninsula of Michigan boast to have the best fishing in the entire state, and from my experience, fishing throughout the state, I have found this true. Of all the Michigan fishing I have done no area was more enchanting that the upper peninsula.


This area of Michigan is a sparsely populated paradise which is an absolute delight to fish in. The water is as clear as the air and the fish are as friendly as the local residents. Hundreds of lakes are begging to explored and have their waters harvested of their aquatic treasures. This breathtaking land has the power to invigorate and refresh the soul. It holds an almost other worldly charm that the cities just cannot compete with. Michigan fishing at her finest.

Everything about the upper peninsula of Michigan holds true to the rustic feeling that the area seems completely saturated in. Even the lodgings give you the sense that you transported to a simpler and more naturalistic time. Many of these inns are so close to water sources that you can you take a small hike and be at one of the countless fishing spots in the area where you can fish or just dip you feet in the refreshing lake water. This act only adds more to the quaintness of the area. There are many trails in which you can hike and explore should you need a break from fishing (I never did). My absolute favorite place that I fished during my Michigan fishing trip was Lake Michigamme, which is located in Crystal Falls, Michigan and is known for its northern pike, crappie, bass, and walleye. It was an absolute joy to fish there and the lake water was absolutely gorgeous.

The upper peninsula is also well-known for its ice fishing. So should you find that itch to fish in the winter months you need look no further than Michigan. The area is an absolute wonderland in the winter and is just begging for exploration. If you have never ice fished before I suggest you give it a try, it is an exhilarating new take on the old hobby of fishing. Just another reason to spend a season in Michigan fishing.

So if you are looking for a place to have a have a relaxing and

efreshing escape from the noisy and fast paced world I would highly recommend you spend a week in Michigan fishing. Between all the fish to be caught and the lakes to be explored you are sure to have a wonderful time out on the water.


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The Usefulness Of Car Servicing In The Uk

The usefulness of car servicing in the UK


Felicity Lightbody

These days, having a car can take an immense part of your earnings. Like it is not enough that it has taxes, needs petrol, insurance and MOTs, that in addition there are the endless expenses on repairs. If proper care is not being executed regularly on your automobile, it will have great problems, which therefore lead to the spending of money. To prevent all this, you have to take your car to service when it is time. Each type of car has a standard service schedule, which depends on the model. For some cars it may be 6 month for others 18 months. When it comes to Honda civic in the UK – the period is 12 months, which is approximately about 12.000 kilometres. If your car has a warranty, it becomes compulsory for you to take it to a car service, otherwise you will lose the warranty.


When taking your car to service you actually give yourself a piece of mind that everything about it will be just fine. Every car service in the UK promises you the best and only the best for your automobile. You can be sure of receiving a high standard technical piece of work, which will make your car drive smoothly and efficiently as possible. The car service will bring you safety and full belief in your car’s reliability.

In just one day’s time it seems like there are hundreds of things do to and therefore time becomes priceless. There is nothing worse than your car breaking down right in the middle of a bad day you are having. If you want to save yourself from all that, you just have to follow the advice to take your car to service regularly. Keeping the service as something that “can wait” or “there isn’t money for that now” is just not going to work. You’ll simply end up with less time and money if you do that.

Like every car, Honda civic’s must be serviced when needed. If the car has a warranty then you most likely have a booklet. What you should do with the booklet is to carry it with you every time you go to the service. Its updating will help the mechanics to keep track of your car’s maintenance and repair, which is the key to a perfect car condition.

Don’t leave that “small” defect or your reluctance to take your car to service conduct you. Be smart and give your car the best.

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