The Economic And Environmental Benefits To Using Alternatives For Water Purification In Albany

byAlma Abell

Did you know that some bottled water manufacturers actually have less laws governing the production of their purification systems than the city water systems in your local jurisdiction?Bottled water companies in some of the bigger city’s such as New York sell over a billion bottles a year making a problem not just for what they are advertising to their customers but the problem that the waste is producing in the environment. If you are looking for Water Purification in Albany make sure you know the statistics about the type of water you consuming.

What you are looking for in your drinking water is to be free of contaminants and to have a good tasting product. For the most part you can find that in any city water system but the advertising companies would have you believe that the only water free and clear of contamination would be from plastic bottling products. This is not the case especially when you consider that some water companies have less rules on their production than the local city tap water. In addition, the water that comes from the local tap is tested more frequently than the major produces of bottled water.

Not only is the city water or other type of localized production of Water Purification in Albany better for you, but it also is better for the environment. Did you know that bottled water production alone contributes to the waste of 20 million barrels of oil? That is just to make the bottles of water which inevitably the majority of which get thrown into a landfill. Close to 90% of these bottles go into the local landfill and not into the recycle barrel. What about when these bottles get broken down or incinerated and release toxins into the air that no amount of drinking water can wash away?

Both environmentally and economically, bottled water is a bad idea not to mention what little benefit the water is for the consumer. Looking into H2O Solutions gives the individual consumer the choice between great tasting and better for you water. Every consumer knows how convenient bottled water is, for now anyway. In the long term however, the problems for the environment and the economy are not worth the convenience.