MetLife to acquire Travelers Life and Annuity from Citigroup

Monday, January 31, 2005

Metlife announced on 01/31/05 that they were going to acquire Travelers Life and Annuity from Citigroup. Travelers Life and Annuity is an insurance underwriter. MetLife is a large life insurance and annuities underwriter. MetLife will have to borrow a lot of money to pay for the company, so rating agencies like S&P warn that the AA credit rating of MetLife might be lowered. This would cause the interest rates at which all of MetLife’s debt must be repaid to increase.

Citigroup committed to continue distributing Travelers life insurance and annuities through its Smith Barney stock brokers, Primerica agents, and Citibank branches.

Citigroup was previously known as Travelers Insurance before it bought Citicorp. First the Property and Casualty business of Travelers was spun off, and now the life insurance division has been sold off. This is primarily because insurance underwriters get a lower price to earnings multiple from the stock market because of the cycles and uncertainty associated with the insurance business. Also, having an insurance underwriter and a bank together does not usually create “cross-sell” opportunities, because consumers and businesses almost always buy life insurance and annuities through brokers who have a duty to give them other options. Citigroup will continue to sell insurance through its brokers as before.

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Relocating To Wilmington, Nc And The Cape Anxiety Coast

Submitted by: Owenoq Steele

It is often one particular of the toughest decisions of one’s existence. Nevertheless, a single are unable to deny the simple fact that marriage is generally a legal bond between two men and women. And consequently, it requires the intermediation of law to dissolve. Even so, these kinds of conditions are complicated and it is typically tricky to fully grasp the legal implications. That is the purpose, why a person ought to hire an professional divorce lawyer to represent him/her in advance of the court of law.

Are you also planning to get divorced? Then you must involve an attorney in the circumstance from the starting to battle for your result in thoroughly. It is quite important to fulfill the legal formalities as well. Like an expert will be able to safeguard your legal rights for the duration of the legal technique. There are lots of benefits of hiring a divorce lawyer about representing yourself at the court of law. Following are a several of all those:

1. Bear in mind, the procedure is rather complicated and can throw several difficulties, which can only be dealt with effectively by an seasoned divorce lawyer. Without the support and advice of a attorney, you will incur weighty financial loses and a good deal of wastage of your precious time. The attorney will make the procedure smooth and streamlined for you.


two. Divorce can in fact become prolonged, protracted, and overpriced, which can be averted by employing a lawyer. An pro will also be capable to interpret laws in the very best probable manner. By hiring a lawyer, you will actually be taking aid from the best resource of understanding to enable you terminate the marriage without substantially harassment.

three. Typically there are disputes about the properties and assets while in the method of divorce. It could get quite strenuous for you and may even lead to more complications in the proceedings. Only an seasoned lawyer is capable to sort out the marital assets pretty. Your attorney will negotiate with the attorney your husband or wife has hired. Arrangements will be done to make the two of you satisfied with the outcome. They will also be ready to battle for child’s custody at the court of law. In addition to this the volume of alimony you will get is also fixed properly by a lawyer.

So, you can see that there are many benefits, which can qualify as the reasons for employing a divorce lawyer. Try to remember, your partner could possibly have hired an seasoned an individual and representing yourself will not be a very clever selection. There is one more essential thing – when it arrives to hiring the finest divorce lawyer. Riverside CA is a location identified for comprising a few of the best attorneys of the region.

This is aspect two of a two part sequence on the Rhode Island divorce course of action including divorce approach. Part a person, pertians to the preliminary stages of a divorce from finding a Rhode Island Attorney to filing for divorce. Make sure you see below for a link to element one of this sequence.

This guide discusses divorce tactic and the divorce practice just after filing for divorce. This write-up is for informational functions only and does not constitute legal assistance.

About the Author: FT&H has been training law in Wilmington NC for above 15 many years, we specialize in Divorce and are here to support you. Give us a phone these days for a free consultation.


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Animal rights protestor found guilty of Oxford arson plot

Thursday, July 15, 2010

An animal rights protestor who left home-made petrol bombs at buildings of the University of Oxford has been jailed for ten years. Mel Broughton, a prominent member of the campaign group SPEAK, had denied the charges of conspiracy to commit arson and possession of an article with intent to destroy property, but the jury at Oxford Crown Court found him guilty by unanimous verdict after deliberating for over five hours.

Broughton made his devices using water bottles and sparklers. He put one on the roof of a cricket pavilion belonging to The Queen’s College in November 2006, and two under a portable cabin at Templeton College in February 2007. The device at the cricket pavilion, which contained twelve litres of petrol, went off and caused about £14,000 of damage. The Templeton College petrol bombs, together containing nine litres of petrol, did not ignite, and DNA on one of them linked Broughton to the attacks. He was protesting about the university’s decision to back the construction of an animal research laboratory, and a police search of his home found more sparklers, as well as documents about the university and its staff.

File photograph of Oxford Crown Court Image: Claire Ward.

This was the second time that Broughton had been convicted of the offences: his conviction in February 2009 was overturned by the Court of Appeal and a re-trial was ordered. This began on June 16, and ended on Tuesday with Broughton’s conviction. Judge Patrick Eccles QC imposed a ten-year prison sentence, which will be reduced by two and a half years for the time that Broughton has already served in custody. When sentencing Broughton after the first trial, Judge Eccles said that these events “were part of a ruthless conspiracy to instil fear in all those connected to the laboratory.”

An officer from Thames Valley Police, Detective Superintendent Mark Jones, said that Broughton “was someone who believes direct action, in the form of planting explosives and setting fires, is acceptable”, adding that the conviction was the “right result”. A university spokesperson said that it “accepted the rights of protestors to voice their objections within the law”, but would work “to protect staff and students from criminal activity of any kind.”

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British Prime Minister David Cameron makes unannounced visit to Libya

Friday, February 1, 2013

British Prime Minister David Cameron in his visit to Benghazi, Libya on September, 15 2011. Image: Maher27777.

British Prime Minister David Cameron made an unannounced visit to the Libyan capital city of Tripoli yesterday after visiting Algeria earlier in the day.

David Cameron pledged that Britain would help in training Libya’s security forces. He said in a joint press conference held with Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan that “the British people want to stand with you and help you deliver the greater security that Libya needs”. Cameron also reiterated his support for the French-backed intervention in Mali, denying suggestions put to him that foreign intervention in Islamic countries would lead to a backlash against Western nations by al-Qaeda.

The security was tight during his walkabout in the Martyrs’ Square, where police attempted to hold back the locals as a police helicopter flew overhead. His visit to Tripoli comes in the aftermath of recent threats to the British embassy and just a week after British citizens were urged to leave the second largest city of Benghazi due to a “specific and imminent” threat to Westerners.

Police officers investigating the 1988 Lockerbie bombing from the Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary have been granted access to new information to help them with their inquiries. In 2001, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment but was released in 2009 on compassionate health grounds and died last year.

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Charlotte Mls Multiple Listing Service

Multiple listing Services or MLS allows real estate agents or brokers with a common platform to come up with offers and details of the various real estate properties that are available for lease and sale. It allows multiple agents to cooperate amongst themselves by providing information about the current real estate trends in the market that can be useful for both the buyers and sellers.

Charlotte MLS allows all the brokers in the city of Charlotte to provide offers and listing of available houses and properties and provide with great opportunities to the potential buyers. Real estate being a booming industry will let all the subscribed members of the service interact and provide necessary details relating to open properties for sale and lease by other brokers and real estate agents.

There are plenty of advantages of Charlotte MLS when it comes to buying of a real estate property. Logging on to the internet and searching one website after another can be quite a hassle, but a multiple listing website not only provides you with plenty of lists of available homes and properties for investments, it also allows you to choose the best of real estate brokers and also deal with multiple brokers at the same time, who would definitely provide you with great discounts and options.


You need to be specific about the type of property you are looking out for investing. There are new homes up for sale, or foreclosed homes. There are town homes that are dream houses for every one and also other community homes that you would love to be a part of. The data in the MLS is endless so you can short list your dream home by selecting a few options.

Firstly decide on whether you want a house on rent, or you want to own it. The next step would be deciding how many square feet of area you want, then the number of rooms and bathrooms, the type of floor, the basic amenities you like your new home to be included in. Your budget is also one of the most important things you should consider while looking for home in the Charlotte MLS.

Buying a house from a multiple listing services broadens the horizon of search of the houses. Your dream home can be one of the new homes on the list or a foreclosed home that you can buy at a very reasonable price. Buying real estate properties without the help of a broker can also prove to be advantageous as you would not have to pay the brokers commission. The Multiple Listing Service also lets owners of properties sell their properties without the involvement of the brokers.

Charlotte MLS is a great way to help in your real estate investment. Buying and selling properties can be a breeze, look out for great deals and attractive discounts and prices in the Charlotte MLS and you would definitely not be disappointed with the list of options that you would have regarding your choice of properties.

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About Author:

Thank you for your reading. Leigh Brown and Associates offers supreme service to every clients in the North Carolina real estate market those who are looking for New or Foreclosed Homes for sale in Charlotte NC. Please have a look at our listing for Charlotte MLS.Author: Thomas B Nuttall

Blown for Good author discusses life inside international headquarters of Scientology

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wikinews interviewed author Marc Headley about his new book Blown for Good, and asked him about life inside the international headquarters of Scientology known as “Gold Base“, located in Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, California. Headley joined the organization at age seven when his mother became a member, and worked at Scientology’s international management headquarters for several years before leaving in 2005.

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Death sentences in 2008 Chinese tainted milk scandal

Monday, January 26, 2009

Half a million participated in anti-China demonstrations on October 25, 2008 (“1025 demonstration”) in Taiwan.Image: MiNe.

On Thursday, the municipal intermediate people’s court in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, China pronounced sentences for 21 defendants implicated in the 2008 Chinese milk scandal which killed at least six infants and sickened nearly 300,000 others.

In the local court’s decision, 17 accused were indicted for the crimes of “producing, adding melamine-laced ‘protein powder’ to infant milk or selling tainted, fake and substandard milk to Sanlu Group or 21 other dairy companies, including six who were charged with the crime of endangering public security by dangerous means.” Four other courts in Wuji County, in Hebei, China had also tried cases on the milk scandal.

Zhang Yujun, age 40, of Quzhou County (Hebei), who produced and sold melamine-laced “protein powder” in the milk scandal, was convicted of endangering public security and sentenced to death by the Shijiazhuang intermediate people’s court.

The court also imposed the penalty of death upon Geng Jinping, who added 434 kg of melamine-laced powder to about 900 tons of fresh milk to artificially increase the protein content. He sold the tainted milk to Sanlu and some other dairy companies. His brother Geng Jinzhu was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for assisting in adding the melamine.

A suspended capital punishment sentence, pending a review, with two years probation, was handed down to Gao Junjie. Under the law, a suspended death sentence is equivalent to life imprisonment with good behavior. The court ruled that Gao designed more than 70 tons of melamine-tainted “protein powder” in a Zhengding County underground factory near Shijiazhuang. His wife Xiao Yu who assisted him, was also sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Sanlu Group General Manager Tian Wenhua, 66, a native of Nangang Village in Zhengding County, who was charged under Articles 144 and 150 of the criminal code, was sentenced to life imprisonment for producing and selling fake or substandard products. She was also fined 20 million yuan (US$2.92 million) while Sanlu, which has been declared bankrupt, was fined 49.37 million yuan ($7.3 million).

Tian Wenhua plans to appeal the guilty verdict on grounds of lack of evidence, said her lawyer Liang Zikai on Saturday. Tian testified last month during her trial that she decided not to stop production of the tainted milk products because a Fonterra designated board member handed her a document which states that a maximum of 20 mg of melamine was allowed in every kg of milk in the European Union. Liang opined that Tian should instead be charged with “liability in a major accident,” which is punishable by up to seven years imprisonment, instead of manufacturing and selling fake or substandard products.

According to Zhang Deli, chief procurator of the Hebei Provincial People’s Procuratorate, Chinese police have arrested another 39 people in connection with the scandal. Authorities last year also arrested 12 milk dealers and suppliers who allegedly sold contaminated milk to Sanlu, and six people were charged with selling melamine.

Ball-and-stick model of melamine.

In late December, 17 people involved in producing, selling, buying and adding melamine to raw milk went on trial. Tian Wenhua and three other Sanlu executives appeared in court in Shijiazhuang, charged with producing and selling fake or substandard milk contaminated with melamine. Tian pleaded guilty, and told the court during her 14-hour December 31 trial that she learned about the tainted milk complaints and problems with her company’s BeiBei milk powder from consumer complaints in mid-May.

She then apparently led a working team to handle the case, but her company did not stop producing and selling formula until about September 11. She also did not report to the Shijiazhuang city government until August 2.

The court also sentenced Zhang Yanzhang, 20, to the lesser penalty of life imprisonment. Yanzhang worked with Zhang Yujun, buying and reselling the protein powder. The convicts were deprived of their political rights for life.

Xue Jianzhong, owner of an industrial chemical shop, and Zhang Yanjun were punished with life imprisonment and 15 years jail sentence respectively. The court found them responsible for employment of workers to produce about 200 tons of the tainted infant milk formula, and selling supplies to Sanlu, earning more than one million yuan.

“From October 2007 to August 2008, Zhang Yujun produced 775.6 tons of ‘protein powder’ that contained the toxic chemical of melamine, and sold more than 600 tons of it with a total value of 6.83 million yuan [$998,000]. He sold 230 tons of the “protein powder” to Zhang Yanzhang, who will stay behind bars for the rest of his life under the same charge. Both Zhangs were ‘fully aware of the harm of melamine’ while they produced and sold the chemical, and should be charged for endangering the public security,” the Court ruled.

Geng Jinping, a suspect charged with producing and selling poisonous food in the tainted milk scandal, knelt before the court, begging for victims’ forgiveness

The local court also imposed jail sentences of between five years and 15 years upon three top Sanlu executives. Wang Yuliang and Hang Zhiqi, both former deputy general managers, and Wu Jusheng, a former raw milk department manager, were respectively sentenced to 15 years, eight years and five years imprisonment. In addition, the court directed Wang to pay multi-million dollar fines. In December, Wang Yuliang had appeared at the Shijiazhuang local court in a wheelchair, after what the Chinese state-controlled media said was a failed suicide attempt.

The judgment also states “the infant milk powder was then resold to private milk collectors in Shijiazhuang, Tangsan, Xingtai and Zhangjiakou in Hebei.” Some collectors added it to raw milk to elevate apparent protein levels, and the milk was then resold to Sanlu Group.

“The Chinese government authorities have been paying great attention to food safety and product quality,” Yu Jiang Yu, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said. “After the case broke out, the Chinese government strengthened rules and regulations and took a lot of other measures to strengthen regulations and monitor food safety,” she added.

In the People’s Republic of China, the intermediate people’s court is the second lowest local people’s court. Under the Organic Law of the People’s Courts of the People’s Republic of China, it has jurisdiction over important local cases in the first instance and hear appeal cases from the basic people’s court.

The 2008 Chinese milk scandal was a food safety incident in China involving milk and infant formula, and other food materials and components, which had been adulterated with melamine. In November 2008, the Chinese government reported an estimated 300,000 victims have suffered; six infants have died from kidney stones and other acute renal infections, while 860 babies were hospitalized.

Fonterra Riverina Fresh in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.Image: Bidgee.

Melamine is normally used to make plastics, fertilizer, coatings and laminates, wood adhesives, fabric coatings, ceiling tiles and flame retardants. It was added by the accused to infant milk powder, making it appear to have a higher protein content. In 2004, a watered-down milk resulted in 13 Chinese infant deaths from malnutrition.

The tainted milk scandal hit the headlines on 16 July, after sixteen babies in Gansu Province who had been fed on milk powder produced by Shijiazhuang-based Sanlu Group were diagnosed with kidney stones. Sanlu is 43% owned by New Zealand’s Fonterra. After the initial probe on Sanlu, government authorities confirmed the health problem existed to a lesser degree in products from 21 other companies, including Mengniu, Yili, and Yashili.

From August 2 to September 12 last year Sanlu produced 904 tonnes of melamine-tainted infant milk powder. It sold 813 tonnes of the fake or substandard products, making 47.5 million yuan ($13.25 million). In December, Xinhua reported that the Ministry of Health confirmed 290,000 victims, including 51,900 hospitalized. It further acknowledged reports of “11 suspected deaths from melamine contaminated milk powder from provinces, but officially confirmed 3 deaths.”

Sanlu Group which filed a bankruptcy petition, that was accepted by the Shijiazhuang Intermediate People’s Court last month, and the other 21 dairy companies, have proposed a 1.1 billion yuan ($160 million) compensation plan for court settlement. The court appointed receiver was granted six months to conclude the sale of Sanlu’s assets for distribution to creditors. The 22 dairy companies offered “families whose children died would receive 200,000 yuan ($29,000), while others would receive 30,000 yuan ($4,380) for serious cases of kidney stones and 2,000 yuan ($290) for less severe cases.”

POS materials from Yili Dairy declaring clean bill of health from AQSIQ.

Sanlu stopped production on September 12 amid huge debts estimated at 1.1 billion yuan. On December 19, the company borrowed 902 million yuan for medical and compensation payment to victims of the scandal. On January 16, Sanlu paid compensation of 200,000 yuan (29,247 U.S. dollars) to Yi Yongsheng and Jiao Hongfang, Gangu County villagers, the parents of the first baby who died.

“Children under three years old, who had drunk tainted milk and had disease symptoms could still come to local hospitals for check-ups, and would receive free treatment if diagnosed with stones in the urinary system,” said Mao Qun’an, spokesman of the Ministry of Health on Thursday, adding that “the nationwide screening for sickened children has basically come to an end.”

“As of Thursday, about 90% of families of 262,662 children who were sickened after drinking the melamine-contaminated milk products had signed compensation agreements with involved enterprises and accepted compensation,” the China Dairy Industry Association said Friday, without revealing, however, the amount of damages paid. The Association (CDIA) also created a fund for payment of the medical bills for the sickened babies until they reach the age of 18.

Chinese data shows that those parents who signed the state-backed compensation deal include the families of six children officially confirmed dead, and all but two of 891 made seriously ill, the report said. Families of 23,651 children made ill by melamine tainted milk, however, have not received the compensation offer, because of “wrong or untrue” registration details, said Xinhua.

The main entrance to the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing.

Several Chinese parents, however, demanded higher levels of damages from the government. Zhao Lianhai announced Friday that he and three other parents were filing a petition to the Ministry of Health. The letter calls for “free medical care and follow-up services for all victims, reimbursement for treatment already paid for, and further research into the long-term health effects of melamine among other demands,” the petition duly signed by some 550 aggrieved parents and Zhao states.

“Children are the future of every family, and moreover, they are the future of this country. As consumers, we have been greatly damaged,” the petition alleged. Chinese investigators also confirmed the presence of melamine in nearly 70 milk products from more than 20 companies, quality control official Li Changjiang admitted.

In addition, a group of Chinese lawyers, led by administrator Lin Zheng, filed Tuesday a $5.2 million lawsuit with the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China (under Chief Grand Justice Wang Shengjunin), in Beijing, on behalf of the families of 213 children’s families. The class-action product liability case against 22 dairy companies, include the largest case seeking $73,000 compensation for a dead child.

Goodwin House, Amnesty International‘s Canadian headquarters, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

According to a statement to the Shanghai Stock Exchange Market Friday, China’s Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Company, which has a domestic market share of milk powder at 8 percent, reported a net loss in 2008 because of the milk scandal. A Morgan Stanley report states the expected company’s 2008 loss at 2.3 billion yuan. The scandal also affected Yili’s domestic rivals China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited and the Bright Group. Mengniu suffered an expected net loss of 900 million yuan despite earnings in the first half of 2008, while the Bright Group posted a third quarter loss at 271 million yuan last year.

New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra, said Saturday it accepted the Chinese court’s guilty verdicts but alleged it had no knowledge of the criminal actions taken by those involved. “We accept the court’s findings but Fonterra supports the New Zealand Government’s position on the death penalty. We have been shocked and disturbed by the information that has come to hand as a result of the judicial process,” said Fonterra Chief Executive Andrew Ferrier.

“Fonterra deeply regrets the harm and pain this tragedy has caused so many Chinese families,” he added. “We certainly would never have approved of these actions. I am appalled that the four individuals deliberately released product containing melamine. These actions were never reported to the Sanlu Board and fundamentally go against the ethics and values of Fonterra,” Ferrier noted.

Fonterra, which controls more than 95 percent of New Zealand’s milk supply, is the nation’ biggest multinational business, its second-biggest foreign currency earner and accounts for more than 24 percent of the nation’s exports. Fonterra was legally responsible for informing Chinese health authorities of the tainted milk scandal in August, and by December it had written off its $200 million investment in Sanlu Group.

John Phillip Key, the 38th and current Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Amnesty International also strongly voiced its opposition to the imposition of capital punishment by the Chinese local court and raised concerns about New Zealand’s implication in the milk scandal. “The death penalty will not put right the immense suffering caused by these men. The death penalty is the ultimate, cruel and inhumane punishment and New Zealand must take a stand to prevent further abuses of human rights.” AI New Zealand chief executive Patrick Holmes said on Saturday.

“The New Zealand government does not condone the death sentence but we respect their right to take a very serious attitude to what was extremely serious offending,” said John Phillip Key, the 38th and current Prime Minister of New Zealand and leader of the National Party. He criticized Fonterra’s response Monday, saying, “Fonterra did not have control of the vertical production chain, in other words they were making the milk powder not the supply of the milk, so it was a difficult position and they did not know until quite late in the piece. Nevertheless they probably could front more for this sort of thing.”

Keith Locke, current New Zealand MP, and the opposition Green Party foreign affairs spokesman, who was first elected to parliament in 1999 called on the government and Fonterra to respond strongly against the Chinese verdict. “They show the harshness of the regime towards anyone who embarrasses it, whether they are real criminals, whistleblowers or dissenters,” he said. “Many Chinese knew the milk was being contaminated but said nothing for fear of repercussions from those in authority. Fonterra could not get any action from local officials when it first discovered the contamination. There was only movement, some time later, when the matter became public,” he noted.

Green Party explained “it is time Fonterra drops its overly cautious act.” The party, however, stressed the death penalty is not a answer to the problems which created the Chinese milk scandal. “The Green Party is totally opposed to the death penalty. We would like to see the government and, indeed, Fonterra, speaking out and urging the Chinese government to stop the death penalty,” said Green Party MP Sue Kedgley.

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On The Net Texas Holdem Poker The Most Effective And Worst Moves A Beginner Can Make

Submitted by: Arthuram Pruitt

– Try to remember to be individual use micro- limits to sharpen your skills via apply the most effective gamers will win dollars in these games.

4. Shell out attention to the board – Recognize the best hand you have or can make then gauge if you can win. A very good hand or a pretty great prospect of improving upon, usually means you should stay in the sport. If not, then fold and you have preserved your bankroll for the subsequent hand.

The Worst Moves a Novice Can Make:

one. Do not play just about any and just about every hand just because you are hoping to get lucky with the flop and win the hand.

– Indeed – At times you will get fortunate with this approach, on the other hand, that only offers an illusion that this tactic pays off when in reality you will a lot more than probable conclusion up shedding much more hands than you win and you will shed much more cash in the extensive operate – and it could be a ton of income lost!


two. Not having any concept of what the greatest starting fingers are let by yourself an comprehending of “subsequent level” of best beginning hands.

3. Enjoying in the larger limit games right when you get started playing mainly because you imagine that if the stakes are greater you will win extra.

– Don’t get me mistaken if you are an experienced player with an exceptional track document then the above is probably correct, but it is one particular of the worst moves a starter could make.

– The greater stakes game titles will also have more robust levels of competition because the players are typically a great deal additional expert – so if you play too many fingers you will conclusion up losing a whole lot of money.

four. Not mastering to examine the board will indicate far more hands and income lost

– It’s easy definitely if you don’t pay consideration and recognize the board how will you know if you can win or if you have a possibility of bettering?

To sum up if you are shopping to play on the web then you want to stick to the best commencing fingers, pay focus to the board and get started out in micro-limit games – with persistence and practical knowledge you will find out to examine your opponents improved and you are significantly much more possible to make income with poker on line!

Welcome to the fifth in my Texas Holdem Poker Tactic Sequence, focusing on no restrict Texas Holdem poker tournament play and involved approaches. In this article, we’ll examine beginning hand selections.

It may possibly appear obvious, but determining which commencing fingers to play, and which ones to skip enjoying, is 1 of the most crucial Texas Holdem poker selections you’ll make. Deciding which beginning fingers to play begins by accounting for numerous components:

* Beginning Hand “groups” (Sklansky designed some good ideas in his classic “Theory of Poker” e-book by David Sklansky)

* Your table situation

* Selection of gamers at the table

* Chip situation

Sklansky at first proposed some Texas Holdem poker starting hand groups, which turned out to be really useful as basic pointers. Under you will find a “modified” (enhanced) version of the Sklansky beginning hands table.

About the Author: Texas Holdem Poker Tournament Approach – Starting Hands


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US Federal Reserve ceases to publish M3 index

Thursday, April 27, 2006

  • M0: Is total of all physical currency, plus accounts at the central bank which can be exchanged for physical currency.
  • M1: Is the M0 as well as the amount in demand accounts (“checking” or “current” accounts).
  • M2: Is the M1 as well as most savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificate of deposit accounts (CDs) of under $100,000.
  • M3: Is the M2 as well as all other CDs, deposits of eurodollars and repurchase agreements.

? from Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaMoney Supply

On March 23, 2006 the Federal Reserve ceased publication of the M3 monetary aggregate, in line with an announcement it made in November, 2005. The M3 is a measure of money supply in the United States,

The M3 is most general of the many measures of money supply, the quantity of money available within the economy for purchasing goods, services, and securities. The money supply is monitored and adjusted by a central bank, to keep inflation in check, because money supply has to change in tune with real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to prevent inflation (or deflation).

In November last year, the US Federal Reserve announced that it would cease publishing M3 data, saying, “[the] M3 does not appear to convey any additional information about economic activity that is not already embodied in M2 and has not played a role in the monetary policy process for many years”, adding that the costs of collecting the data required for the index outweighed its benefits.

Some commentators have questioned this decision and have speculated that this would allow the Federal reserve to covertly fund the US budget deficit and its negative balance of trade or hide the fall in international demand for the US dollar. In March, 2006, Rep. Ron Paul introduced a bill (HR 4892) requiring the Federal Reserve to reverse its decision.

Wikipedia has more about this subject:

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