Tsunami nations give relief advice to U.S.

Monday, September 5, 2005

The nations hard hit by last year’s devastating tsunami are now lending advice to the United States on how to cope with the Katrina crisis.

Nopadol Somboonsub, the head of tsunami corpse identification in Thailand noted that the U.S. needs to “…examine the bodies slowly and put all the data into a computer,” and added that “It’s very important to get it right. You cannot assume that this or that body is the right body simply because a relative identified it.”

Somboonsub noted that life insurance and identity theft fraud are all matters to consider when dealing with body identification. Somboonsub speaks from a position of experience, his team having dealt with the identities of 5,395 corpses of various ethnicities in Thailand.

In India too, experts have advice for the U.S. For instance, one unnamed Indian official said that nations should not be arrogant when it comes to handling disasters. He also stated that “In India, for all its vastness, we have a very easily operable contingency plan for disasters at the grassroots level. It is not a highly complicated national response system.”

He emphasized that relief is most important on the local level: “A person at the grassroots level knows that sandbags have to be organized, identifies likely places of breaches, plans clearing debris and setting up relief camps and cooking centers.”

In Aceh, in Indonesia, Budi Atmadi, head of relief operations, said that humanitarian concerns must come first.

“In that period, the blame game is rampant because one person will always say the relief has been slow while another says there are so many limitations. The blame game will always be there so your ears need to be thick,” Atmadi stated, along with “The important thing is to stay committed and put humanitarian concerns at the top.”

The United States has so far only accepted help from other countries in the form of monetary aid and oil.

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Dead Sea Beauty}

Dead Sea Beauty


Dana EvronThe sea of death, also known as the Dead Sea, has inspired countless of skin care products. The Dead Seas minerals are captured in every single one of these skin care products.

The Dead Sea Salt original mineral composition improves cell metabolism and contributes to its restoration and regeneration. That is exactly why men and women dont use anything other than the Dead Sea skin care products.

There are countless of skin care products on the market and many of them are made with a lot of chemicals. Skin ailments are cured with the help of the rich Dead Sea mud and salt. The great thing about skin care products from the Dead Sea is the fact that they are natural.

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One place to find Dead Sea skin care also, there are carts at malls that sell Dead Sea products.

The Dead Sea skin care products are designed to completely take care of any skin, dry, oily, or normal. Due to the popularity of the Dead Seas therapeutic and healing properties there are several companies that manufacture and supply the Dead Sea salt.

Even nail care is a product that is available from the Dead Sea like body lotions, mud masks, and salt scrubs. These products are meant to heal the skin and purify it from the inside.

The great thing about the Dead Sea products is that they increase the moisture level and permeability of the skin which allows the minerals to completely enter into the deepest layers of the skin. Many products are very useful when it comes to all those wrinkles and lines that appear with time on our faces.

The Dead Sea skin care products are known around the world for a reason. These unique products replenish and revitalize the skin while they nourish and restore the skin.

f you are looking for information on

Dead Sea Skin Care

you can try some

Dead Sea Body Mud

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green candidate Marion Schaffer, Oakville

Monday, September 24, 2007

Marion Schaffer is running for the Green Party of Ontario in the Ontario provincial election, in the Oakville riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed her regarding her values, her experience, and her campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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The Best Solution To Hair Fall, Weak And Dull Hair}



Pandey Nirmal


Who does not like a beautiful, healthy mane to adorn their heads? Thick, lustrous hairy is always associated with a healthy, attractive person. The hairy care industry is churning billions of dollars trying to promise people healthier, better looking strands.

What happens when one suddenly starts experiencing hair loss? How would they feel if it keep falling all over their beds, chairs and bathrooms? It is a very difficult position to be in. Doctors assure that 50-100 strands fall everyday and these are replaced by newer once. If the numbers go beyond this, then it will definitely result in hairy loss.

What can be done?

Starting on Grocapix Gel is probably the easiest and quickest solution for hairy loss. Grocapix Gel is a product of Alembic Pharma. Alembic Pharmaceuticals is Asias very popular brand that serves people in more than 75 countries all over the world.

Grocapix Gel is a much researched and developed product from this brand. It is in fact patented for the usage of four Biochanin rich amino acids in its composition. Grocapix is considered a treatment formula for:

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Seasonal hairy loss

Post menopausal loss

Age related loss and

Generic hair breakage

It contains 2 major ingredients that work wonders in controlling and promoting faster growth of hair.

1.Biochanin A

This ingredient naturally inhibits Dihydro testosterone (DHT), which plays a large role in hair breakage, especially in male pattern baldness. It also modulates free radical damage to the scalp, protecting the hair and scalp.


Capixyl is a natural product and contains bio metric peptide and red clover. It helps stop the conversion of testosterone to 5 DHT. This process is the main cause for damage and by inhibiting this, the body is suppressed of the act of damaging and promotes regrowth instead.

How to use Grocapix Gel?

This product is a leave on serum. This means that it need not be washed off post application. On cleaned and dried hairy, the gel needs to be applied all over the scalp and gently massaged. The massaging helps the gel get absorbed deep into the scalp. The product stays on the surface all day long and works on inhibiting damage and promoting regrowth.

Where does one buy anti hair loss products?

Grocapix will cost INR 1190 for a 60 gram tube and INR 1790 for a 100 gram tube. www.clickoncare.com is an ecommerce website that right now is offering a discount on the same. Users can avail cash on delivery option and also get the product home delivered all over India.

Does hairy loss mean anything serious?

In most cases, eating healthy food, including a lot of proteins in diet, using good hair care products etc. should help control the same. In few cases, it can also be a result of an inlying medical condition. It is hence necessary to consult a doctor of the problem persists even after the above mentioned treatments.

ClickOnCare.com is an Online Health care store. It offers a large variety of products ranging from personal care, baby care, beauty care, baby care products like Grocapix gel to food supplements, wellness devices, sports and fitness equipments and accessories. Packing and shipping are done in an expert way so as to avoid any damage and to ensure product delivery on time. Cash on Delivery facility is available for all products.

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Head of US Minerals Management Service resigns following BP oil spill response

Thursday, May 27, 2010

After reports that US President Barack Obama has fired the director of the Minerals Management Service, Elizabeth “Liz” Birnbaum, the Interior Department revealed that she instead resigned “on her own volition”. The resignation occurred amidst growing criticism of the federal government’s response to the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion and the agency’s oversight over offshore drilling. 

Birnbaum, who became director in June 2009, was expected to testify before a subcommittee of the House of Representatives today with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. She was not present when Salazar began to speak, however. Salazar said in a statement: “She is a good public servant. She resigned today on her own terms and on her own volition. I thank her for her service and wish her the very best.”

News agencies had reported that Birnbaum was forced out of office, and Obama was expected to officially announce the supposed firing later today in a news conference along with discussing an Interior Department report on the explosion. Birnbaum observed in her letter of resignation that Salazar “will be requiring three new leaders for the Office Natural Resources Revenue, the Bureau of Energy Management and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement” as the entire Minerals Management Service is reorganized.

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New Polish government takes down findings on Russian air disaster

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Law and Justice Party of Poland, which took power last week, this week removed web pages featuring the results of an investigation into the Smolensk air disaster in Russia in 2010. The cause of the crash, which killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski, is disputed.

The flight was carrying high-profile political figures to attend a ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, when thousands of Polish prisoners of war and civilians were killed by the Soviets. All 96 on board died. Amongst the dead were First Lady Maria Kaczy?ska, several members of the lower parliamentary house known as the Sejm, Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer, National Security Bureau head Aleksander Szczyg?o, and Ryszard Kaczorowski, the last President of the Polish government-in-exile.

The Law and Justice Party was in power at the time, led then as now by Lech Kaczynski’s identical twin brother Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Jaroslaw was himself Prime Minister of Poland from 2006 to 2007. Jaroslaw contested the vacated Presidency later that year but was defeated by Bronislaw Komorowski of the Civic Platform Party. Lech and Jaroslaw co-founded Law and Justice.

Russian and Polish investigations deemed the crash an accident. Edmund Klich, head of the Polish air accident investigatory body, said in 2010 the Polish military pilots of the Tupolev Tu-154 were determined to get the dignitaries through dense fog so they could attend the ceremony. He said the pilots were insufficiently trained and put safety second, whilst Russian air traffic controllers should have diverted the aircraft away from Smolensk. Passengers entered the cockpit during the final stages of the flight.

Government spokesman Elzbieta Witek yesterday said Donald Tusk, a former Prime Minister, should be prosecuted before the State Tribunal, although Witek said this was a personal view and not government policy. Jaroslaw and allies have insinuated Russia purposefully brought the plane down.

Law and Justice accuse Tusk, Prime Minister from 2007 to 2014, of failings before and after the crash. He is accused of not ensuring the President was safe, of not establishing an international investigation, and of allowing Russia to maintain possession of the wreckage.

Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee performed its own investigation blaming solely Poland’s pilots and exonerating the controllers. Upon receiving the first draft of their report in 2010 Tusk branded the contents “unacceptable”, the findings “without foundation”, and the overall result a breach of the Chicago Convention, an international regulatory document on air travel.

Tusk resigned last year to take the European Council Presidency until 2017. Witek said he had “given away” investigative control. Polish minister Adam Lipinski has previously called for Tusk’s prosecution after his European duties conclude, saying he has “a lot to answer for” over the disaster.

Polish conspiracy theorists have been spurred on by Russian refusal to accede to Polish requests to return wreckage, which the Russians claim to still be investigating.

The new Prime Minister is Law and Justice’s Beata Szydlo. Asked on Tuesday about one disappearing website containing investigative findings, Szydlo told press “the website has been closed and will simply remain closed.”

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U.S. tariffs on Chinese solar panels to be contested

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The United States continues to implement new trade barriers; the most recent tariffs emerged on Wednesday, targeting solar panels imported from China.

The new tariff is a result of a query submitted in December 2008 by GES USA, an American solar company. The resultant inquiry sought to clarify tariffs levied on solar panels imported from China, imports which, for nearly two decades, were considered a duty-free commodity.

In early January, U.S. Customs officials reportedly informed the company that the solar panels contained electronic devices that place the panels in the electric generator import category which is subject to a 2.5% import tariff. Specifically, the ruling cited the presence of diodes on the solar panels as evidence of electric generation and hence they must be treated as an electric generator. Small solar panels already incur a 3.9% tariff. The January decision was made by a U.S. trade specialist whose rulings can be overturned.

The tariffs will be levied on imported panels that provide electricity for all uses. Additionally, tariffs will be collected dating from the beginning of 2009. The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that the accumulated tariffs from this year may total more than US$ 70 million. This week’s tariff revelation caught many industry leaders off-guard and yesterday the Solar Industries Association moved to block the tariff. The Association president, Rhone Resch, stated “… We’re taking it [the tariff] very seriously and we will be responding. … The industry is in the process of preparing a challenge”. The Association intends to file their appeal with senior U.S. Customs officials who have the option to overrule the decision to implement the tariff. However, if the officials do not revoke the tariff, then the case must go before the U.S. Court of International Trade.

The U.S. amount spent on imported solar panels roughly matches the income from exported panels; US$ 605 million imported versus US$ 555 million exported, according to the Commerce Department figures on the first seven months of this year. Major solar panel importers have already begun to move their operations to the U.S.

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Reasons To Be A Sportsman/Outdoorsman}

Reasons To Be A Sportsman/Outdoorsman


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There’s many reasons to be an outdoorsman/sportsmen which includes in my mind being a fisherman, hunter and lover of nature. Nobody loves nature and the animals that live there more than the outdoorsman/sportsmen who enjoy hunting, trapping and fishing them.

Here’s a list of some of things that outdoorsman/sportsmen do for people and the nature that we enjoy. * Hunters are pro human first. * Nobody in America donates more money or more time to our wildlife than hunters. Through hunting licenses, special taxes on hunting equipment and simply by donating money to hunting groups, clubs and foundations who help protect and preserve our land and wildlife. * Hunters donate thousands of pounds of venison every year to the needy and hungry. * Hunters continually raise and donate money to local charities. * Hunters spend around $24.7 billion every year in retail businesses. * Hunters spend around $955.4 million a year on sales and fuel tax. * Jobs related to the hunting industry account for $16.7 billion dollars in income every year. * Teddy Roosevelt (also known as the conservation president) loved hunting and came up with the idea of preserving large portions of forests and land. Since then hunters have purchased and preserved millions of acres of land saving it from construction and development. * Hunters have and continue to reintroduce and repopulate multiple big game and small game species into dozens of areas where the wildlife was killed off due to settlers.The list is much longer than that however I just wanted to touch base with a few things to let people know how great sportsmen/outdoorsmen are for the environment and how much they do.


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Reasons To Be A Sportsman/Outdoorsman}

Tornadoes cause millions in damages in Waco, Texas

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Early Saturday morning winds up to 90 miles per hour struck Waco, Texas and central McLennan County, United States, causing widespread damage and leaving many households without electricity.

No deaths or serious injuries have been reported; however, there is a tremendous amount of damage in 15 areas of the city, leading Mayor Virgina DuPuy to declare the city a disaster area.

The hardest hit area was Franklin Avenue, where the Coca-Cola bottling plant’s roof was peeled open as if by a giant can-opener. There were Sprite bottles spread out onto the street. The nearby Furniture Row shopping center was also hit hard. Some furniture was found as far as three-quarters of a mile away. Other hard-hit areas were Robinson, Hewitt, Woodway, and Speegleville. Densely populated Inner Waco was spared of any catastrophic damage, though hundreds, and possibly thousands, of trees have fallen, and roofs destroyed.

The main concern is restoring power to over 23,000 households and businesses. Many gas stations and grocery stores in the disaster areas were closed until power is restored. Those that remained open have had to throw out all perishable items. Also of concern is getting electricity to those with medical needs. The city has provided help to those without power at the Dewey Recreation Center.

The storm is the hardest to hit the area since the tornado that struck on May 11, 1953, which tore through downtown and killed 114 people.

Waco has seen more than its share of tornadoes recently. Only a week ago, an F1 tornado damaged many houses along Orchid and Kendall Lanes. No people were injured, though two horses were killed when their stable collapsed.

The National Weather Service confirmed this morning’s winds were a F2 tornado, where wind speeds may have reached 115 miles per hour in some locations.

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Calls for bottled water bans grow in Canada

Saturday, August 23, 2008

London, Ontario is the latest in a string of Canadian cities to have acted on increasing public demand to ban bottled water. On Monday, the decision to eliminate bottled water sales in city-run facilities was passed by London’s city council with a vote of 15-3 in favour. The move was driven by a desire to reduce waste and shipping, have a lower impact on the environment and promote tap water as a cheap and safe alternative.

London’s new restrictions will be implemented over the next several months in buildings that are already equipped with water fountains. Bottled water will still be permitted at many city-run events, such as upcoming summer festivals. Privately-owned retailers will not be affected by the ban.

Other cities, such as Vancouver, Ottawa and Kitchener, that are already engaged in debate on the issue, may now be watching London carefully for how the ban plays out. Other areas have already begun to phone London with questions on the details of its new regulations. Toronto has begun taking a look at bottled water packaging as part of its waste diversion strategy, and its public school board is looking into the possibility of a total restriction on bottled water sales.

In recent years, an awareness of the energy that is required to manufacture, transport and recycle the product has spread nation-wide. Proponents of the ban point to the fact that it can produce as much as 150 times the volume of greenhouse gas when producing bottled water as compared to supplying the same volume of tap water. They also point out that the water that goes into bottled water products is not inspected as frequently as tap water in Canadian cities.

Some have taken this cause to heart more than others, such as British Environment Minister Phil Woolas, who called the use of bottled water “morally unacceptable.” Restaurant critic Giles Coren of The Times of London criticizes those who use the product as “the new smokers.”

Canada’s beverage industry has come down with criticism on the increasing opposition to bottled water. Spokesman Scott Tabachnick for Coca-Cola Co., which produces Dasani brand bottled water, commented on the convenience of the product: “It’s hard to bring your kitchen sink with you.”

It’s hard to bring your kitchen sink with you.

Vancouver City Councillor Tim Stevenson thinks that bottled water’s time has come and gone: “Bottled water companies have had a fabulous ride on an unnecessary fad.” Vancouver officials are still determining how bottled water restrictions, which have been voted for by the City Council, can be phased in.

Next month, the city is planning to initiate a marketing campaign encouraging Vancouver residents to choose tap water and to remember to carry reusable drinking containers whenever possible.

Renowned environmental activist Dr. David Suzuki has praised London’s decision, saying that it represents a turning point for people’s perceptions on the issue: “I’m really delighted that London has done this because it really makes us focus on some fundamental issues.” He hopes that someday people will “look at anyone who hauls out a bottle of water and say, ‘What the hell’s wrong with you?'”

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