The Number One Reason For Failure In The Financial Or Real Estate Industries

By Aaron Hoos

A business is a lot like a living organism and part of the lifecycle of a company is the addition and departure of its staff. Human Resources calls retention the comparison between the number of staff who stay versus the number of staff who quit. Churn is another word for it, referring to the cycle of new staff replacing old. The real estate and financial industries are industries that experience a huge amount of churn.

In both industries, agents and brokers join and leave in droves, resulting in new faces each and every month at employee meetings. Why is that? How come these two industries experience so much churn?

Often, people join real estate or financial brokerage companies because of the promise of working your own hours or earning unlimited income. Indeed, those are compelling attractors and as long as those continue to attract people, both industries will see new faces arrive.


But why do so many leave? The number one reason for failure in these businesses is a lack of sales. Certainly that wont come as a shock to anyone and the more important consideration is the underlying causes. Why do agents and brokers in these industries lack enough sales to make their jobs rewarding? To understand that, we must work backwards:

A lack of sales is the result of a lack of selling. A lack of selling is the result of a lack of prospects. A lack of prospects is the result of a lack of prospecting.

When a high performer in these industries succeeds, its not because theyve mastered the latest technique or happen to have better listings or investments than their peers. More often, its because they have a system that fills their pipeline and keeps it continuously full.

In other words, high performers in the real estate and financial industries have a system in place that generates a lot of prospects and then converts those prospects into customers and then transforms those customers into long-term clients. It all starts with prospecting. No prospects at the one end of the sales funnel equals no sales at the other end.

High performers will also tell you that the moment they stop prospecting may not be noticeable. But they will feel it a week or two down the road. And the reason that newbie brokers and agents fail is because prospecting is hard work and when they stop they dont notice it right away. (Unfortunately, when they do notice it, it could be too late).

So, if you want to be successful in the real estate or financial industries, you need to start with a great prospect-generation system. What that looks like depends on your target market and your own skills, but it needs to be robust and ongoing. It probably includes some face-to-face interaction, some telephone interaction, seminars, and online efforts. And, it requires relentless effort (and more effort after that)! As any high performer will tell a new hire the number one reason for failure is a lack of sales And the number one reason for success is an effective prospecting system.

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What Is An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust?

By Simon Volkov

An irrevocable life insurance trust is a document that shields life insurance proceeds from inheritance tax. The policy is protected by a trust when ownership is transferred to an estate. Inheritance cash can be distributed to appointed beneficiaries instead of enduring the probate process.

To establish an irrevocable life insurance trust involves working with a certified estate planner. Irrevocable trusts cannot be changed once they are finalized, so policy holders need to carefully consider who will be named as the Trustee and beneficiaries. They only way to be released from insurance premiums is by surrendering the policy.

This type of life insurance trust is used by people that have a net worth of at least $2 million. There is no reason to setup irrevocable trusts when the estate value is less because the IRS provides allowable inheritance tax exemptions that offer similar benefits.

The wealthy utilize irrevocable trusts to accumulate funds that will cover the cost of estate taxes payable on inheritance gifts. Trusts can also be structured to provide heirs with inheritance money for years to come.

A Trustee needs to be appointed to mange life insurance trusts. This person has access to sensitive information and is privy to nearly everything pertaining to the Insured’s personal financial situation. When the trust is finalized the Trustee cannot be changed without court authorization, so it is crucial to make a wise selection.


Trustees can be removed from the policy if they fail to perform required duties. To discharge Trustees requires the Insured to record an official ‘Change of Trustee’ form through the court.

Trustees are charged with two primary duties which include paying insurance premiums and notifying beneficiaries of their right to withdraw funds. If Trustees neglect duties they can be sued for financial damages.

In many cases, policyholders select relatives to act as the Trustee, but this might not be the smartest choice. A good alternative can be to employ the services of a trust management service or family law attorney. In addition, some investment brokerages and financial institutions offer trust management services.

Policyholders assign death benefits to beneficiaries and pay premium installments to the estate. The Internal Revenue Service permits policyholders to gift up to $13,000 tax-free contribution for every beneficiary on an annual basis.

By law, Trustees have to provide written notification to beneficiaries informing them when contributions are made. Beneficiaries are allowed to withdraw maximum contributions, but must do so within 30 days from the date of notification. They can also elect to leave the money in the trust so there will be a larger distribution when the estate is settled.

For the most part, people establish irrevocable life insurance trusts to provide heirs with sufficient funds to cover estate and inheritance taxes. Remember, this is used by the wealthy and taxes can equate to millions of dollars.

One attractive feature of irrevocable trusts is policyholders can arrange installment payments that are presented to beneficiaries when they achieve certain accomplishments. These might include getting married, having a child, graduating from college, or starting a company.

Another feature is policyholders can arrange a Dynasty trust that does away with taxes for beneficiaries of future generations. Also referenced as generation skipping trusts, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of policyholders can be exempt from inheritance tax.

Irrevocable life insurance trust offers several advantages that make it a powerful estate planning method. Trusts have to comply with specific guidelines and properly be documented.

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The Business Of Loaning Money

By James Copper

Most lending institutions are in the business of loaning money for home buyers or businesses, and have no desire to go through the repossession process for someone who has defaulted on their mortgage. The process of booting someone out of their home or commercial process can be long and costly procedure and working through financial problems with the current owner is often cheaper and easier than taking ownership of a property.

However, in many situations lenders find that repossession may be the only option they have in securing repayment on the defaulted loan and begin the steps to claim the property as their own. Once the process has begun, there are avenues for the debtor to follow in the courts to attempt to retain ownership, but the stipulations are spelled out ion law, and without meeting those requirements, the borrowers will have trouble maintaining rights to the property.


Typically, once a foreclosure order has been sought by a lender, the borrower will have a set amount of time to bring the mortgage up to date, before the entire unpaid balance comes due and payable. Once that time has passed and the mortgage remains in arrears, the entire balance must be paid to stop the repossession proceedings. Since this is unlikely to happen, the courts sometimes give the owner time to sell the property, if it can show that selling the property will provide sufficient funding to satisfy the mortgage agreement.

If the deadline to sell is not met, the borrower can appeal the foreclosure proceedings, but if that fails, repossession of the property is usually granted to the lender and the borrower is evicted from the property. Once vacated, the lender is considered the legal owner of the property and has all legal recourse to collect the balance due on the loan as well as any costs incurred during the process. This can all be avoided however, if the borrower keeps in close contact with the bank.

In most cases, the property is put on the market for sale, or put up for auction and once sold the previous owner is liable for any portion of the balance not covered by the sale of the property. If the sale nets more than what is owed, the lender is obligated to forward the balance to the previous owner. Although this is a rare occurrence, if the property appraisal is high enough, and has built up untapped equity, it is entirely possible.

Most people view repossession as an end to their financial life and accept the probability that they will never be able to own property again. However, once their financial obligations are dissolved and they have rebuilt a positive credit history, there are alternative lending sources that may be willing to take the risk of offering another mortgage in the future. There are many ways to go about rebuilding credit and a wise financial advisor can help with the challenging task. Credit scores are quite important and it is worth the time and effort to repair them for the future.

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How Do I Get Charge Offs Removed From My Credit Report?

By Joseph Crutchfield

Wondering how to remove charge offs from your credit report? If this sounds like you, then you have probably had trouble with your finances not too long ago. You have probably had difficulty making full payments for many months. And today, you may even have several collection agencies pestering you by mail and telephone. Does this sound about right?

Well, don’t worry. Even though you may have been a bit undisciplined with your finances in the past, you can improve your credit, remove charge offs from your report, and yes … get a second chance you want at a good credit score. In this article, we will take a close look at what a charge off is and show you two proven ways you can have them removed from your credit report altogether…

What Exactly Is A Charge Off?

A charge off is one of the more detrimental negative credit listings you can have on your credit report. Charge offs are losses claimed by your creditor after approximately 180 days of unsuccessful attempts at receiving full payment from you. Late payments of 30,60, or 90 days are common, but, after 6 months without a payment, your creditor will most likely count your account as a loss, turn it over to a collection agency, and place a ‘charge off’ entry on your credit report.


Removing these charge offs should be a priority to you, as potential lenders make it a point to look for these negative indicators on your report specifically.

So, How Can I Eliminate These Charge Offs?

First of all, you need to find the date that the charge off was reported in your credit report and take note of the last activity on the account. If it’s an older record between 7-15 years past, then chances are the statute of limitations has expired on collecting that debt. To determine the expiration date, you’ll need to do a little investigating in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. For example, a credit card charge off may stay on your record for 7 years, while a bankruptcy can remain for 10 years. What that means is, writing a simple letter to the credit bureaus and notifying them of the expiration date may be enough to get the charge off erased from your records.

You will need to take a few extra steps though if your charge off happens to be more recent. Talk with your original creditor and make an offer. Basically, you’ll want to make an offer of payment to your creditor in return for their removal of the charge off they placed in your records, often referred to as a ‘pay for delete.’

But there’s no sugar coating this, it won’t be easy. Many creditors, like credit card companies for example are obligated to report negative information to the credit agencies. Therefore, they may not be willing to remove your charge off completely and instead, change your account status to ‘closed.’ That’s more favorable than a ‘charge off paid’ indicator, but still not an entire removal. So, the choice soon becomes to either reject their counter-offer or to make the compromise. The decision is yours.

You should take into consideration the importance your credit rating is going to have on qualifying for a better job or a good loan in the near future before you decide though. Just make absolutely sure you get your pay-to-delete agreement in writing before you make payment and check your credit file for the alteration after the creditor accepts your terms. Be certain they change or remove it from your report.

So, Where Do I Start?

Two things you will want to do first is to read and learn the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act first before jumping into disputing your credit report entries. Get a good understanding of your rights as a U.S. citizen and how you can use them to your benefit. Next, you should realize that every state has it’s own laws concerning debt. You want to find your state’s precise statute of limitations on debt collection.

Make sure you keep yourself well informed on credit repair in general, as federal laws change quite frequently. And finally, realize that removing a charge off is only one small step in the entire process of repairing and maintaining your credit. You also need good repayment strategies, a disciplined monthly credit limit usage, and an aggressive credit building goal to really improve your scores.

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The Two Most Trusted And Time Tested Swing Trading Indicators

By Creztor Tessel

The trend is your friend; this is a very common phrase that is used frequently in the trading world. However, some things are easier said than done. Every trader knows the trend is his friend, but which swing trading indicators should one use to take advantage of the trend? When used properly, trading indicators can make entry and exit of trades easy, but the difficult is in knowing which indicator you should use. As technology has advanced over the years, there has been a huge increase in the number and kind of indicators traders have available. To get a head start on your path to trading successfully, one needs to know which indicators are worth your time and which ones should be ignored. Some of the most popular trading indicators are MACD, Stochastics, Moving Averages and trend lines.

Moving averages are very popular in the trading world. One of the reasons for this is that they are possibly the oldest and first kind of indicators used by traders. Thanks to this they have gained a reputation of being the most widely used and trusted kind of indicator. Many professional stock traders around the world use moving averages to determine trend in the markets. There are several kinds of moving averages; simple, exponential, weighted and many more. Despite the kind of moving average, these indicators are frequently used to spot the trend and determine areas of support and resistance. A trader armed with this kind of information can fine tune their entry and exit increasing their returns.


Building upon the power of moving averages, the MACD is another very commonly used and highly valued trading indicator. The MACD is based on two moving averages and has multiple uses. This single indicator can be used to determine the trend of a market, spot areas of divergence and also be used to generate entry and exit signals for trades. There probably isn’t any other indicator that is as versatile and unique as the MACD. The MACD is a momentum indicator and as such is also used to identify areas where markets may be approaching their limit and readying for a pull back. It is no wonder that the MACD is so widely used by professional and corporate traders around the world.

These are just two of the many swing trading indicators that traders have at their dispose. If you are just starting out then it would be advised that you stick to indicators that are well known, trusted and widely used by the trading community and successful traders. Moving averages and the MACD are just two indicators that fall into this category of being proven and reliable. When used properly, moving averages offer any trader the ability to identify the trend and areas of support and resistance at a glance. MACD goes one step further and allows insight into momentum of the market which gives you the advantage of knowing when the market may be running out of steam. These two trading indicators have stood the test of time and should be a trading tool for any new trader.

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Property Control Melbourne}

Property control Melbourne


John Adams

Tebter belongings control Melbourne

Introducing Tebter assets, the leaders in Melbourne property management.

For Melburnians, theres something exquisite about residing inside the internationals most habitable city the creativity, the coffee, and the tradition are all matters that make Melbourne properties so exceptionally renowned but for landlords, we recognize that proudly owning a belongings which supply minimum arrears, vacancies, and hassles is what topics most.

owning an asset for rent in Melbourne need to be a profitable and worthwhile experience, we keep in mind that, and so with Tebter in your side, you may relaxation assured that your funding assets are being cared for via only the quality and maximum certified team of specialists.

Our crew at Tebter is green, forward-questioning, and subsidized up by means of a highly powerful and effective network of skilled, specialized and unified support workforces who live and breathe property, setting us apart from all of the different assets managers in Victoria.

Tebters motto is that having fact in the selections you make results in a higher existence, and our team are continuously striving to do something they could to offer fact and help you in accomplishing a higher lifestyle; that is, the way of life youve always desired.

We inspire you to get in contact with us nowadays so that we will talk how Tebter can take your condo belongings to a brand new level (and free up more of it slow as nicely!).

How is Tebter distinct to other Melbourne property Managers?

Its miles our dedication to usually enhancing all aspects of our business which makes Tebter one of the main assets management organizations in the United States.

One among our major focuses is to capitalize on the brand new technologies which source and healthy extra prospective tenants with your private home.

We additionally cognizance on the use of these systems to provide our tenants and landlords with set off and consistent verbal exchange, with the stop end result being reduced vacancies, reduced hassle, and maximized financial returns.

Coping with apartment residences in Victoria is a growing and rapid-paced environment, and Tebter believes that as actual property in Melbourne and industry evolves, so need to be. We make it our day by day priority to devise the foremost mixture of approaches, techniques, and generation as a way to deliver you an advanced carrier at the same time as additionally offering a fee for money.

Tebters particular and unequalled systems have been attempted and tested for many years and can be visible inside the big matters, along with our group having 500 years of mixed enjoy in property across 7 special international locations, but additionally evident within the finer element, inclusive of our belongings managers sizeable expertise of the nearby Melbourne marketplace and our rare potential to speak 14 languages, ensuring that we reach as many clients and capacity tenants as viable.

Partnering with Tebter unlocks get entry to one of our dedicated Victorian apartment managers who will paintings with you to offer you with a tailored answer on your funding portfolio, no matter its size. Our priority is to make certain that our crew grants the most expert and steady carrier possible.

Maximum important of all, our personnel are dedicated and ready to do something it takes to minimize charges, vacancies, and arrears in order that your rental assets are imparting the most important monetary return possible.

Leveraging at the energy, scalability, and superiority of this model offers you with the edge over all of the condominium homes within the Melbourne location.

Introductory provide

Tebter would like the possibility to connect you with one in all our property managers in Melbourne who can discuss your rental belongings and let you know approximately our introductory offer.

Not like different assets managers in Victoria, our network of unified offices and belongings managers across the country and United States allow us to effortlessly streamline all of your control necessities regardless of their region, reducing the time you have to waste liaising with unique agencies.

We inspire you to provide us a responsibility-unfastened smartphone call or electronic mail these days about your Melbourne condominium houses and kick begin what’s positive to be a valuable and profitable relationship.

Melbourne belongings rentals

In case you are interested, please click on right here to peer a number of our currency to be had condominium residences in Melbourne.

Tebters website lists all of our to be had condominium houses in the one place and is incorporated into Australias main application management software program, 1form. We also use look into an actual estate for prospective tenant matching, coping with packages and inspections, and list with the leading Melbourne rental real property portals along with and in order that we can get your own home leased fast.

Find out why we are the leading property control organization in Melbourne.

Touch Our Melbourne condo specialists

Why no longer arrange to go to our nearby Melbourne office that is centrally positioned within the Port Melbourne business park on Williamstown road.

In case youd favor to deliver us a name or ship us an e-mail, we might be greater than glad to talk to you at a time that fits you.

Cope with: 9/435 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Telephone: (03) 9988 0008


Coping with apartment residences in Victoria is a growing and rapid-paced environment, and Tebter

Melbourne property management

believes that as

Melbourne assets control

and industry evolves, so need to be. We make it our day by day priority to devise the foremost mixture of approaches, techniques, and generation as a way to deliver you an advanced carrier at the same time as additionally offering a fee for money.

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