Great First Date Ideas}

Submitted by: Ron Zvagelsky

You can get so sidetracked picking the right outfit and waxing your car; you forget to find something better to do than the boring dinner and movie. Let us help. Here are some excellent choices for first date ideas:

Comedy Theater

Laughing together can break the ice better than anything else. Take in a comedy show and relax together whilst you giggle away the evening. Just avoid too much alcohol or offensive performers.


If youre looking for a casual way to relate to each other and break the ice, try a friendly game of pool. Eight Ball is simple to understand, and if things really go well, you might be able to help her improve her break.

Miniature Golf

So eighteen holes would be a bit much for almost any date, but ten holes of putt-putt might be right up your alley. Nobody does exceptionally well at miniature golf, but it is always fun to play especially if you cheat a little bit every now and then. Let those secrets help bring you closer.

Dinner Theater

There is nothing wrong with dinner and show, but try a show that sizzles. Skip the cinema, and find a quality dinner theater. Watch professionals act without the assistance of computer animated special effects whilst you enjoy a meal together. The arts are always an excellent choice.


There is no need to sign away your entire evening to a first date. Start small. Try meeting for coffee just to size each other up. If a coffee date goes well, extend the date by heading off for grander adventures together.


While a heavy metal concert might not be the best place to try and get to know each other, a concert in the park or jazz festival might be perfect. Appreciate music together and have a basis for continuous conversation.


Who says a date cant be educational? Enjoy an art or history museum and learn together. If you havent visited a museum lately, you might be amazed at the exhibits available.


Picnics can be romantic or casual, and for a first date you should shoot for the latter. Grab a few basics and head out to the park or beach. Enjoying a meal out of doors is relaxing and a perfect opportunity to get to know each other better.

Botanical Garden

Surround yourself in natural beauty at botanical gardens. Quiet strolls through rose bushes and koi ponds offer a sense of peace and tranquility. It would not be advisable to pick any of the flowers for your date, but you can certainly bring along a camera and take pictures together.

Ice Cream

Are you not ready to commit to a full-scale date? Try something simple like ice cream. Find a good ice cream shop and let yourself go wild. Diets dont exist on first dates, so get an extra scoop and then enjoy the afternoon together as you stroll and visit.

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The Humor Behind Shopping Smart And Buying Carhartt Clothes}

Submitted by: Mike Girolami

One thing we can all agree on is that the economy is hurting all of us, especially the working people. With gas prices soaring, medications costing more than our utility bills even with insurance coverage, and the price of everything at the local supermarket jumping by leaps and bounds, we all have to be more conscientious about price than ever before. And thats one reason why some people may be tempted to steer away from Carhartt clothes. However, there are some very good reasons why paying more now is going to be a good idea.

Cost is More than Price

When you go to the store and buy a work shirt, you arent just spending whatever that shirt cost. Instead, the price you pay for that shirt includes all of the gas you used to get to the store and all of your valuable time that was spent in the store, at the checkout, and waiting to pull out of the parking lot. If you look at the price in that way, youll realize that the fuel costs and inconvenience drive up the price of that inexpensive work shirt pretty quickly.

Now consider Carhartt clothes. You pay the price listed and thats it. In some cases, you wont even need to pay for shipping when you purchase through certain online retailers. Plus, you wont have to leave your home or face all of that time-wasting inconvenience.

YouTube Preview Image

Think in Terms of Value

While were all sensitive to price these days, our real concern should be on value. Think of it this way. You could argue that going to a fast food restaurant for a $5 lunch is cheaper than buying lunch food at the supermarket. That is technically the case. However, the pack of lunchmeat, loaf of bread, and other goodies you buy for your lunch will last you an entire week not just a single day. In the long run, youre getting a better value from taking your own lunch. And that doesnt even take into consideration the health factors.

Carhartt clothes are similar because what youre getting is a better value. The clothes are protected by a warranty and are designed to last a long time not just a few months. Those rips and tears that are so common with other clothes will be a thing of the past when you spend the extra now and buy Carhartt clothes.

Extra Features Add Cost

Of course, Carhartt clothes are about more than just being durable. They are also made to be practical in the work place, including being made waterproof, and that adds to their cost. You cant add features like that without the price being a little higher than the more stripped down competition.

Research & Improvement

Part of the price for Carhartt clothes goes to the continued research and development into new products that are going to benefit consumers and workers like you. And thats worth spending a few more dollars.

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Carhartt Clothes


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How To Customize Calendar In Outlook}

Submitted by: Gaurav Singh Kampuzz

What is calendar?

A calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years. A date is the designation of a single, specific day within such a system. A calendar is also a physical record (often paper) of such a system. A calendar can also mean a list of planned events, such as a court calendar or a partly or fully chronological list of documents, such as a calendar of wills. And we need to know how to

customize calendar in outlook?

Change calendar view:

There are some steps given:

Step1. On the navigation bar, select Calendar.

Step2. On the Home tab, select a view.

Day- view current day

Work week- view the work week from Monday to Friday.

Week- view the week from Sunday through Saturday

Month- view the entire month

Schedule View- view the selected calendar in a horizontal layout to help schedule an appointment or meeting for multiple calendar are viewed at the same time.

Step3. Select Today at any time to go back to the current day.

Customize your calendar:

Way to customize calendar in outlook:

Select View > Time scale to change the time blocks shown on the calendar or Change time zone

Select View> Color to change the color of the calenda

Select View> Daily Task List and then select an option from the list.

To set the weather, select the down arrow next to the Current city name, and enter the location name or zip code in Add location.

Different work done by outlook calendar:

The Microsoft Outlook calendar is the calendar and scheduling component of outlook 2010 and is fully integrated with email, contacts, and other features. By using the calendar you can:

Create appointments:

As you write in notebook just like that you can click on any slot in the outlook calendar and start to type. You can also include sound or message reminds you of appointments, meetings and events, and you can also color items for quick identification.

Organize meetings:

Select a time on a calendar, create a message request, and select the people to invite. Outlook will helps you to find the earliest time when all invites are free. When you send the meeting request by email, the invitees receive the request in their inbox. When they receive your invitation they can accept or decline your request by just clicking on the button.

View group schedule:

You have also an option you can create calendars that shows you the schedule of the group of people or resources. For example, you can view the schedules of all the people of your department or all the resources, such as conference rooms, in your building this helps you to schedule meetings quickly.

View calendar side by side:

You can also view the side by side multiple calendar that you created and also calendar shared by other outlook users. For example, you can create a separate calendar for your personal appointments and view both your work and personal calendar side by side.

Or you can also copy or move appointments between the displayed calendars.

View calendars on top of one another overlay view:

You can also use overlay view to display multiple calendars that display multiple calendars that you display multiples calendars that you created and also calendars that shared by outlook users.

Link to calendar on Microsoft SharePoint sites:

If you access to a SharePoint sites you can view the lists of events from that site in your outlook calendar. You can also change the list in outlook while working offline.

Send calendar to anyone through email:

You can send your calendar to a mail recipient as an internet calendar, but keep control on how much information is shared.

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