What Are The Emergency Scratch Repair Techniques For Wood Furniture?}

What Are The Emergency Scratch Repair Techniques for Wood Furniture?


AnuradhaOnly some things are as unacceptable as that first rough scratch on a new piece of furniture. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the piece of furniture is overall, you doesn’t see the whole piece when you look at the scratch. Of course, it is natural to consider that the scratch is the only thing that your guests notice, too. Short of having the whole piece refurbished, what can be done about a nasty scratch? There is three Mohawk touch up markers used by many professional furniture refinishers that can be carefully made to order for home use. The materials required are easy to find and the techniques are simple to learn.

Make the Scratches Invisible to the Casual Observer:


The main motive is to repair the scratch from the furniture well enough so that it is not able to get the attention of itself; you would like to repair the scratch as it unnoticed by your guests. In the refinishing business, those repairs are known as “invisible to the casual observer”. It is exposing by close examination that it has been repaired otherwise, the repair goes unobserved.A Natural-marking Repair:

The easiest method to get a reasonable repair is to resemble the natural markings in the wood grain. Mineral streaks, color and grain variations, small knots, flecking and sap pockets and every cut of wood give a unique personality to the furniture. An extra natural look can be achieved by matching the color of the markings or grain instead of the overall color of the wood stain.

The Crayon Technique for Wood Repair:

Colored wax brushwood is usual for repairing the furniture; you can be found it in almost every paint store. The main issue with these sticks is that they only available in a few colors and are difficult to find the right one that will exactly match with wood grain. This issue can be solved if you remember that this brushwood is just wax, like a Crayola crayon. Crayons come in many different colors and work immediately as well. If the scratches are very deep, a crayon is the best option for repair. To repair this, you will require the suitable color crayon, piece of solid plastic or an old credit card, some Naptha, a rag and some 0000-grade steel wool.

The Mohawk Touch up Markers Technique:

Mohawk Touch up markers

are available at almost every paint stores. These markers are like the Magic Markers but they are filled with furniture stain instead of ink. Touch up markers has broadly felt applicator instructions, Like Magic Markers. Generally, these instructions are much wider than a nasty scratch and tend to make scratches more noticeable rather than less noticeable.

The best advantage to use these markers, you can rub the marker along the length of the scratch until the color fills into the scratch. Then, quickly touch your finger and rub the excess color from around the scratch. You will be reduced the scratch from your furniture by this technique. These three methods will allow you to make suitable repairs to most scratches that placed on your furniture. You will notice that where the scratch is, but your guests would not.

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