Use Pre Event Marketing To Increase The Impact Of Your Trade Show Booth

By Barbara Jane Radcliff

Every company wants to attract the maximum possible publicity when it is presenting its products at a marketing event like a trade show. If you are putting up a trade show booth, you would have spent a considerable amount of money renting the space, buying a booth or using a trade show booth rentals service. To get maximum return on your investment, consider pre-event marketing to increase the effectiveness of your booth.

Why you need pre-event marketing

If an entrance fee is being charged for the trade show, then there will be some amount of advertising in the local papers or trade magazines to attract the attention of the public. If it is an invitation-only event or just for a select group of people, there would be hardly any advertising. But most trade shows are open to the general public and often charge a nominal entrance fee. Similar to how the trade show organizers generate publicity for the show, a pre-marketing effort from your side will ensure that at least a section of the target audience knows that your company is displaying its products at the show. A well-thought promotional campaign of your own goes a long way in assuring traffic to your booth.

Using the media

Using print media and television can be a good way to reach out to your target audience if your presence is largely unknown. Direct mail advertising is also preferred as it adds a personal touch. Using local television or radio channels is very effective and would be relatively inexpensive. Making sure that all your advertising is done in the week leading up to the event will ensure that it stays in the public’s memory.

Promising a gift

Mailing potential visitors cards that can be redeemed for a gift or promising to distribute them at the show entrance is a way to ensure that the traffic is diverted to your booth. Here they pick your company’s literature and see all your products. Once a crowd gathers, you could give a presentation about your company and its products. This is also a good time to collect information about your visitors and get their feedback. If you are planning a big promotional event, make sure you have a large, good quality booth to make a good impression. You can rent one at reasonable costs from a trade show booth rentals service.

Giving show visitors a gift in advance will make them more receptive to the information you are sharing with them. A gift that bears your company logo is ideal.

There are many ways to advertise your participation in a trade show and a combination of ideas usually works best. Work out your promotions budget so that you have enough to pay towards other expenses such as trade show booth rentals and audio-visual equipment rentals. After you attract a considerable amount of traffic to your booth, make sure that they go back with a positive impression of your company.

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