Collectors Wondering Where To Get Tiny Bottles Of Liquor For Their Personal Collection

Originally produced for the airline and hotel industry miniature bottles of liquor has been gaining popularity as collectible items.

As alcohol retailers slowly start to phase out these small bottles of liquor, in favour of slightly larger medium sized bottles, the rarity factory has begun to increase causing the collectible factor to rise significantly as well.

Travellers are quite familiar with these cool little alcoholic vessels often given out freely on a plane or in a hotel room. They are the perfect size for those who just want a taste or sample of their favourite alcoholic beverage in a convenient container a fraction of the size of the original.

Many people frequently don’t even attempt to open the bottle as they want to retain the colourful liquid contents within which add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the bottle itself. They will take it home and display it on their shelf or in their custom display case. Some even have a mini-bar in their kitchen specifically designed for these mini bottles. As you can clearly see, these are avid collectors who simply like to admire their favourite brands of drinks instead of just drinking them and then discarding the bottle afterwards.

Even though properly license alcohol establishments began selling them as sample bottles to both regular consumers and collectors alike they have slowly started to shift away from these miniature sizes in favour of slightly large bottles labelled as “medium-sized”. One obvious reason is so that they can obtain a higher profit margin for a larger bottle and reduce their overall manufacturing costs of producing numerous smaller bottles. As a result, for those brands that still produce them they have become much more limited in production runs and therefore many of them have become rarer.

In fact, some have chosen either to stop manufacturing those sizes altogether while others only include them on the full size bottles as a free attachment. This means that for collectors it is harder and harder to simply find them on store shelves as standalones without having to spend the extra cash to pay for the full size bottle as well.

Tiny bottles of liquor have become so popular over the years that there have been sites and forums dedicated solely to exchanging information on them. Many of the people who visit these sites often ask the question of where to get miniature bottles of liquor of various brands from different countries. Fortunately, there are many previous generations of collectors who are willing to part with their rare or vintage small bottles of liquor and sell them on various independent retail sites. This allows the collector to find almost any brand that they want from any country in the world.

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Author: Tony Tracy

Types Of Mattresses That Will Keep You Cool


When you are trying to sleep on a hot summer night, and you keep waking up with night sweats you may consider buying a mattress that will keep you cool at night. There are several types of mattresses that will help cool you at night, and they work in different ways. Here are a few types to look at next time you are in a mattress store in Baton Rouge or your area. Consider these if it is time to replace your old mattress.


An air-cooled mattress is a memory foam mattress that uses air flow in the mattress to keep you cool. Traditional memory foam mattresses do not allow much airflow and tend to retain heat. This is because they are designed to use your body heat to contour to your body. In an air-cooled mattress it still uses your body heat to form around you, but then it allows the heat to dissipate.

Traditional Innerspring

While most people tend to opt for memory foam or added padding on their mattresses, this extra padding adds heat retention to the mattress. Traditional innerspring mattresses do not have this problem and dissipate heat much better that foam or pillow top mattress would. Since you do not sink into an innerspring as much as you do the others, there is also less exposed surface area to expose and retain heat.

Plant-Based Memory Foam

Plant based memory foam, unlike its polyurethane counterpart, does not retain as much heat. These mattresses allow the heat and moisture to escape from the mattress and keep you cool while you sleep.

These are just a few of the mattress types that will keep you cool. If you are not ready to replace your mattress yet, you could try another method such as bamboo sheets, which can help keep you cool while you sleep as well.

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