I Hate My Boss. What Do I Do?

By Nik Lemmens

If you wake up smiling everyday, eager to get to work, then count yourself lucky! With long commutes, tight deadlines, and annoying co-workers, it seems that there is always something to complain about and make you dread your daily trek into the office. But if you find yourself in the position of hating your boss, what should you do about it?

How did the situation arise?

Getting stuck with a ‘bad boss’ can be as easy as having your nice boss leave and management replace him with someone else, or perhaps you are the one who has moved into a new promotion and it is your new superior who is causing problems for you. There may just have been something that went wrong and altered the relationship you had with your boss. However you got yourself in this situation, you need to figure out what to do about it.

What type of boss do you have?

First of all, you need to understand what you are dealing with, in terms of your boss’s bad characteristics.

The Smooth Talker

This manipulative boss will be more concerned about themselves, rather than the business and will lie his way to success. They will always blame others for failure, but take all the credit when something goes well.

The Workaholic

This hard-working boss will set unrealistic deadlines, assign weekend travel, and call you at home for updates. They never offer recognition or reward for your hard work, but simply demand more.


The Arrogant Steamroller

This patronizing boss uses intimidation, sarcasm, and fear as their key motivators. They will make decisions without consulting others and feel that they are always right.

The Incompetent Drone

This useless boss always seems to make stupid choices, but as they never rock the boat, they are safe in their position.

Who really has the problem?

Now, stop and think for a second. Is this really an accurate portrayal of your boss? Has anyone else in the office complained about him round the water cooler, or gone to Human Resources with an official complaint? If it is common knowledge that they are not fulfilling their role of boss in the best possible way, then you may have the right to be upset and expect something to be done about it; however, if nobody else feels that there is a situation that needs addressing, it might be time to take a look at your own personal situation. Is it something at work that is upsetting you and should be dealt with or is something going on in your personal life, such as moving house, problems with your spouse, or a baby on the way? If you think some time off would help you resolve what is causing the issue, request some leave.

What can you do? / What are your options?

File a report

Depending on your company, running off to HR may not have the desired effect, especially if nobody else has voiced any displeasure at your boss’s management style. However, if you are feeling sexually harassed or physically threatened then you should definitely report it as soon as possible.

Quit your job

Obviously this should be the last resort, but if you feel that the situation is not able to be resolved, it may be the best decision. Don’t quit before you have lined up another job and try to leave on good terms as you are bound to want good references to help with your job search.

Deal with it

Find a way to handle the situation and make your life at work more manageable, but this is easier said than done!

How can you cope?

If you are determined to stand your ground and not be driven out of your position or the company where you work, try these ways of dealing with your problem boss:

Communicate like them

learn their styles and methods of communication and imitate them. If your boss prefers formal memos or informal emails, do the same as them.

Be understanding

observe your boss’s pet peeves and make sure not to push their buttons.

Copy your colleagues

scrutinize those who are chosen for promotion and try to be more like them.

Document bad behaviour

detail any offensive comments, outbursts, etc. in case you do decide to file a complaint.

Having to deal with a difficult boss makes the workday drag on forever. It can be a chore to get up and go into the office and, in extreme cases, can lead to resignation. If you have a boss you can’t stand, before handing in your walking papers, take a look at the situation to figure out what is causing your frustration and anger. If it is really your boss who is at fault, try to deal with it before quitting your job.

About the Author: Career Journey uses a unique approach designed to understand your needs and wants in life and develops an actionable plan to achieve your desired career. Click here for more information on

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Key Features Of Hrms Software

HRMS software is one of the best tools which help business owners to administer their work force in the most efficient manner. However, the market is flooded with plenty of such software and hence it may be quite difficult to choose the best HRMS software.Following are some key features of any good HRMS software and keeping them in mind will help to select the best software possible. In this context, it is always better to ask for the HRMS software demo so that you get a fair idea of what facilities will be provided by the software.Maintaining Employee DatabaseThe essence of all HRMS software is the feature of maintaining the organization’s employee database. Whatever methods or tools used by the software, it has to maintain a record of all employee details in an organized manner. This information must be easy to access and possible to be updated later.Keeping a Track of Employee PerformanceMonitoring the work pattern of your employee is the biggest advantage provided by HRMS software India. It helps to keep track of employee punctuality and maintain their attendance record. The employee work pattern is related to their productivity which in turn determines the success of your organization. If you know the career graph of each employee you will know whether your organization is headed in the right direction or not. Through this software, you can compare the employee performance and stack rank them based on the information obtained. Information regarding employees who need additional motivation can be obtained and the necessary steps undertaken by the organization.RecruitmentsRecruitment is an ongoing process in every organization and this is best done through the HRMS software. The hiring process is hugely simplified by the use of this software as keeping track and maintaining records of new candidates in an organized manner becomes very easy.Payroll Management Managing payrolls is a task that has to be undertaken by every organization irrespective of the size. This software becomes highly useful in large corporations where large volumes of payroll data have to be processed. The HRMS software calculates the exact amount of salaries that have to be shelled out to the employees and ascertains the provident fund and tax deductions without the need for any manual calculations. The working of the software in this regard can be understood well when one views the HRMS software demo.Comprehensive Reporting & Scheduling The HRMS software India provides detailed reports with respect to any employee related information. It can create tailor made reports based on the needs of every organization besides having a library of the regular, standard reports on employee performance, attendance, turnover etc. The software has scheduling capabilities too which enables the organization to schedule employee meetings, shifts etc.


Selling Your Stuff To The Most Discerning Buyer

By Kristof

Selling is no longer an across the counter concept that one is accustomed to. It is not that across the counter deals have stopped or diminished as modes of commercial transactions, but that a new concept of trading ‘online commerce’ has emerged. Online business is a by-product of internet communication and a true representation of global marketing. It is not imperative that to engage in online trading you need to be and established trading house or commercial entity. You might very well be selling your stuff as an individual.

Understanding of E-commerce

For basic understanding of online selling store, a fair idea of e-commerce is helpful. E-commerce, the shortened form of ‘electronic commerce’ is created out of World Wide Web or Internet. Through using the Internet, products and services are bought and sold between two parties. If these two parties are both business houses then the ensuing transaction is termed B2B (business to business); if the seller is a business house and the buyer is an end user or consumer, the transaction is called B2C (business to consumer); when both parties engaged are individuals then we get a C2C (customer to customer) transaction.


Personal Online Selling

C2C transactions are perhaps the most significant form of online selling and buying of items. The Internet is perhaps the best platform to allow you to sell items of individual or personal needs after their use. For instance, as you grow up you do not have any use of your bicycle that you bought as a kid. It is not always easy to get a buyer for your used bicycle if you look around. Online selling stores allow you to advertise your product through their site so that you are able to sell your used bicycle.

Through many of these sites it is possible to barter items. CDs, DVDs, mobile handsets, household appliances and so on are typical items that could be traded or exchanged through these websites. All these are C2C e-commerce transactions that only take place between individuals or end-users.

Online Selling for Creative Artists

Creative artists are greatly benefited by online selling store concept. It is not an easy task getting buyers for wonderful clay creations or brilliant canvas paintings. Selling your stuff could become much easier if taken the assistance of World Wide Web. There are art enthusiasts scattered across cities and villages who largely remain untraced through traditional marketing methods. As it is not feasible to reach out to these unidentified pockets manually, an online approach is most preferable. Art lovers and genuine buyers are easily identified in the most cost effective manner.

Online selling stores have evolved as standard channels of commercial transactions. Leading marketing organizations and product manufacturers have their dedicated websites which they also use for selling items online. Buyers have the choice of selecting their product and buy them online thus saving the trouble of landing up at the store after spending sufficient time commuting. Convenience of shopping, ease of making choices, consulting your friends before deciding a purchase are some of the benefits of online selling.

About the Author: Kristof prefers to shop from

online selling stores

where he can get better reviews over a product. Explore the


experience on your own.



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Tactics Used By Unions To Organize Companies Into “Union Shops”

By Adam I. Watkins

Unions good or bad? Some folks love them. Thank the Lord for the union or unions might be the refrain. In other cases it might be pointed out that workers and employees managed to put in time on the job site only because the union saved them. To employers unions in some cases are tolerated whereas in other cases employers have made it clear to their staff that if the union opens shop in their operation they first of all 1) They pay more than union shops 2) If the union does open in their business the employer will simply close up Lock the door and walk away from their investment.

In these cases such statements may be said to be a threat to the workers which although being vocalized verbally is more than a subtle threat to workers that If you like your job and its pay dont bring in the union. Employees in these companies might be well to be on the alert and ask themselves What are the tactics used by union and union organizers to organize companies to the union cause which if nothing else should be noted to alert them to be on the prowl for a new and different job and employer.

It can be said that union organizers commonly try to put a company on the defensive and them it or them there. The aim it is sometimes explained at union senior management meetings and at H.R. conferences is often to mislead the company into underestimating the unions strength. It is like one giant chess game or games to speak.


How do unions work to accomplish this underestimation of their strength, power and expertise?

First of all they may hold few or even no organizing meetings at all in the early stage and stages of their drive. The deception is that often the real organizing activity and activities are going on behind the scenes. However the ruse is , and often it plays out successfully, that the company , firm or organization is totally or mostly unawares and thus does not begin its planning for a counter offensive soon enough and with enough allocated resources.

The second ploy that is often used is for the union bosses and management to challenge the firm on each and every new charge. The apparent goal and goals are to control the pace of the campaign and keep the firm firmly or at least mainly off balance. Its sort of like management versus union Ju Jitsu.

It used to be that union planners often used telephone calls at home, as opposed to calls during office hours at the workplace for union / worker union talk, planning and organization. Truthfully many workers and even bosses work on a Work time My time mentality whereas owners may feel that with the stake of their investment any time during day or night can concern business related concerns. However in our modern era of communications this can be taken even a step further with email and even faxes. Emails can be sent to private as opposed to company given email addresses. Thus the old tactics were often to call workers involved in a union certification drive at home by phone to run in silent mode. In 2011 this silent communication can be done via email either at home or even during the workday on personal ISP assigned personal emails or via anonymous email services such as hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail email provided accounts.

In the end it is a choice of workers, management and owners whether they wish or want to have a Union shop. It is all about personal choice, choices options rewards and benefits. However some of the time even if a choice is not for allocation of union designations that major positive changes can be negotiated, worked and agreed upon at the place of employment between management and staff with or without the human resources H.R. department being involved.

About the Author: Adam I. Watkins

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Starbucks Human Resource Management Policies

Starbucks was originated by three coffee lovers, Gordon Bowker (Bowker), Jerry Baldwin (Baldwin), and Zev Siegl (Siegl). It was considered as one of the best companies around the globe. Starbucks is always concerned about its employees. It was one of the few corporations to provide extensive support to both full time workers as well as part time workers. It was always ensured at Starbucks that the workforce is encouraged which will in low employee turnover rate.

Starbucks realized at an early stage that employees play a very important role in the success and in generating sales revenue for the company. Therefore the company took every possible step to facilitate its employees and take good care of them by selecting the right people for the company. It has always showed confidence on its baristas and other staff members to a great extent in creating the ‘Starbucks Experience’ different from its competitors. The ultimate goal of the company was to pay attention on the hiring process. Starbucks hired people with the qualities of flexibility, reliability and the capability to work in a team. Starbucks has chosen the right kind of people and train them with the skills they would entail to perform their jobs proficiently. Starbucks invested significantly in employee training and managing the human resource policies. At Starbucks employees are provided to work in a great environment with dignity and respect for each other.

  • Recruitment and Selection Policy

Starbucks is one of the leading companies of the world, having a magnificent growth rate of 12% quarterly. It hires 200 new employees every single day which is undoubtedly a large number. The procedure of hiring includes selection of the right candidate, interviewing them and also asking them to taste the coffee and allowing them to write notes about it which is definitely appreciated. Starbucks also asks its recruiters and HR managers to send gifts or souvenirs to all the applicants whether they are hired or not, they should always be treated as a family of Starbucks The process of employment in Starbucks is precisely designed for the job that is needed to be filled. Starbucks provides a platform of diversity to its employees where they are eager to learn and develop opportunities for themselves. At Starbucks, the employees who cleared the interview session are given proper and professional training before final selection. According to a source Human Right Campaign (HRC) Corporate Equality Index Rating, Starbucks earned a 100% rating for the 4th consecutive year.

  • Reward Policy

Employees at Starbucks are considered to be the most important assets for the company. A lot of free incentives are provided to the employees of Starbucks including free health care that also includes vision and dental care facilities. A special benefit for the employees who work more than 20 hours in three months are given free drinks, free coffee or tea every week. The salaries of employees are increased on the basis of their performance evaluation that are conducted twice in a year and are raised up to 5%. Company does not give any monetary bonuses to its employees but it gives a benefit of 30% discount on all the items that they buy from Starbucks. Green Apron concept in Starbucks provides a social and environmental responsibility of the individual employee through which they are awarded with the recognition cards and performance based points.

  • Employee’s Development Policy

Starbucks has designed a number of employee development training for its staff at all levels. All the training provided to the employees helps them to boost their skills and align themselves with the customer demands. Starbucks provides training programs to its employees that includes; customer handling techniques, coffee making workshops and customer care programs.

Most of the Starbucks workforceis below 20 years of age, and the incentives Starbucks is providing to its employees are all attractive and beneficial for them. All the policies that Starbucks has developed for its employees have a significant impact on their performance. The reason for Starbucks success is due to the substantial high performance of the organization as well as its employees. The effective HR policies of any company makes it prominent and leading just like Starbucks.

Why Outsourcing Security Guard Services Is A Very Good Idea

By Ed Stevens

More and more businesses are outsourcing private companies to help them with their security guard needs.

There are lots of reasons that many of the top companies outsource their security guard services. This article will provide you with some of the most important benefits that come with outsourcing security guard services.

Benefit #1 – Transfers Risk

When you outsource security guard services, you’re transferring some of the liability risk to the security guard company.

A licensed security guard company should have the expertise and experience to avoid potential risks. They are also insured to cover all sorts of problematic scenarios. Is your company properly insured to handle potential risks?

It’s a safer option to outsource your security guard services rather than take it on all by yourself.

Benefit #2 – Get Great Service at a Reasonable Price

You get world-class security at the faction of a price it would cost you to do it yourself. That’s because you don’t have to worry about the startup costs.


The private security guard company handles the start-up costs associated with hiring security guards as well as purchasing equipment and uniforms. That’s a big savings for your company.

Benefit #3 – Allows You to Focus on What You Do Best

When you outsource, you no longer have to worry about the hiring, training and other administrative tasks that come with security services.

Outsourcing allows you to focus on your company and what you do best. You shouldn’t be wasting your hours managing and worrying about security. Leave it to the professionals, so you can have more time to focus on your business.

You’ll sleep a lot better at night knowing that professionals are protecting your business.

Benefit #4 – Increases Financial Flexibility

Outsourcing security guard services helps to increase your financial flexibility.

You no longer have significant portions of your budget tied to something that is not a main priority of your business. This allows you to invest more into what’s most important for your business.

Benefit #5 – Improve Human Resources Workflow

Your human resources department won’t have to take on the additional responsibilities that come with more employees. You’ll keep your HR department in great shape.

You won’t have to take on additional human resource employees to handle the extra responsibilities and paperwork that come with more employees.

Benefit #6 – Increased Productivity

You’ll see productivity improvements across the board. That’s because you’re no longer committing serious amounts of money and resources to security.

By letting the outsourced company focus on the security guards, you can focus more on the important issues that will help your business get ahead.

Benefit #7 – Starting Up is a Breeze

When you outsource security guard services, starting up is easy. Doing it own your own might take weeks or even months to get started.

Outsourcing eliminates the burdens associated with training and providing the necessary support for success. You won’t have as many upfront costs.


Outsourcing your security guard services allows your business to stay competitive and stay profitable in the 21st Century.

When searching for a security guard company, be sure to thoroughly review all of your options. Be sure to find a security guard company that is properly licensed and insured in your state.

About the Author: Edward Stevens is a security expert and former security advisor to governmental agencies. He’s the CEO at National Security Service, a nationwide security guard and patrol company that provides

private security

and other

security services

. Connect with Edward via his website at www.GuardsToGo.com.



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Find The Help You Need Through Personal Injury Lawyers In Tucson


Personal injury cases make up a broad spectrum of tort cases filed in court. These cover lawsuits from car accidents, slip and falls, assault and medical negligence. Anytime a person is injured because of the direct actions or neglect of another party, there is a potential for a court case to be filed. To find out an injured person’s options to receive compensation, it is imperative they seek help from Personal Injury Lawyers Tucson. The sooner help is sought, the better the chances of a favorable outcome.

Though hiring Personal Injury Lawyers Tucson cannot guarantee a person will win an injury case, it can make a big difference. This allows injured victims to focus on recovery from their injuries without worrying about the legal processes that are taking place in their case. A lawyer handles working with the insurance company and filing any claims in court.

The first goal in any personal injury case is establishing liability. This must be done through evidence gathering. The discovery phase is the most important phase of any injury case. The more evidence gathered, the better the chances of the lawyer being able to prove liability and get a win for his client. Visit website for more details.

In the event the insurance company refuses to cooperate and offer a fair settlement, the lawyer may decide to pursue a case in court. Court cases are often beneficial because more evidence can be submitted. These cases are heard before a judge and jury, with the jury making the final call on whether or not the injured party is able to receive compensation for their injuries and damages.

Though no personal injury case proceeds without issues, having a lawyer working on behalf of the injured party can be valuable. Lawyers are trained to work with insurance companies and know what it takes to reach a fair settlement agreement.

If you have been injured in a serious injury that was not your fault, you may have the right to pursue compensation. For more information, visit Clausenmoorelaw.com. Through their legal services, you can pursue a case against the person who caused your injuries so you can be fairly compensated.