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Tactics Used By Unions To Organize Companies Into “Union Shops”

By Adam I. Watkins

Unions good or bad? Some folks love them. Thank the Lord for the union or unions might be the refrain. In other cases it might be pointed out that workers and employees managed to put in time on the job site only because the union saved them. To employers unions in some cases are tolerated whereas in other cases employers have made it clear to their staff that if the union opens shop in their operation they first of all 1) They pay more than union shops 2) If the union does open in their business the employer will simply close up Lock the door and walk away from their investment.

In these cases such statements may be said to be a threat to the workers which although being vocalized verbally is more than a subtle threat to workers that If you like your job and its pay dont bring in the union. Employees in these companies might be well to be on the alert and ask themselves What are the tactics used by union and union organizers to organize companies to the union cause which if nothing else should be noted to alert them to be on the prowl for a new and different job and employer.

It can be said that union organizers commonly try to put a company on the defensive and them it or them there. The aim it is sometimes explained at union senior management meetings and at H.R. conferences is often to mislead the company into underestimating the unions strength. It is like one giant chess game or games to speak.


How do unions work to accomplish this underestimation of their strength, power and expertise?

First of all they may hold few or even no organizing meetings at all in the early stage and stages of their drive. The deception is that often the real organizing activity and activities are going on behind the scenes. However the ruse is , and often it plays out successfully, that the company , firm or organization is totally or mostly unawares and thus does not begin its planning for a counter offensive soon enough and with enough allocated resources.

The second ploy that is often used is for the union bosses and management to challenge the firm on each and every new charge. The apparent goal and goals are to control the pace of the campaign and keep the firm firmly or at least mainly off balance. Its sort of like management versus union Ju Jitsu.

It used to be that union planners often used telephone calls at home, as opposed to calls during office hours at the workplace for union / worker union talk, planning and organization. Truthfully many workers and even bosses work on a Work time My time mentality whereas owners may feel that with the stake of their investment any time during day or night can concern business related concerns. However in our modern era of communications this can be taken even a step further with email and even faxes. Emails can be sent to private as opposed to company given email addresses. Thus the old tactics were often to call workers involved in a union certification drive at home by phone to run in silent mode. In 2011 this silent communication can be done via email either at home or even during the workday on personal ISP assigned personal emails or via anonymous email services such as hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail email provided accounts.

In the end it is a choice of workers, management and owners whether they wish or want to have a Union shop. It is all about personal choice, choices options rewards and benefits. However some of the time even if a choice is not for allocation of union designations that major positive changes can be negotiated, worked and agreed upon at the place of employment between management and staff with or without the human resources H.R. department being involved.

About the Author: Adam I. Watkins

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Philippine Foreign Secretary Del Rosario to visit China amid South China Sea territorial dispute

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario is scheduled to visit China from July 7 to 9, raising hopes that a territorial dispute between the two countries may be resolved.

A six-nation dispute has escalated in the sea concerning territorial claims to several islands including the Spratly Islands. The area is thought to be rich in natural gas and oil. Both the Philippines and China wish to have a peaceful resolution to this conflict. “I’ve been invited to Beijing and we’re looking for peaceful means to settle the challenges facing us,” said Del Rosario.

The news comes after the United States and the Philippines began a series of naval exercises last week in the South China Sea, scheduled to last for 11 days. A Philippine military commander stated that the drills are part of an annual series of activities taking place under a defense agreement between the two countries and have nothing to do with the territorial dispute.

The Philippines maintains a close relation with the U.S. as a former territory of the nation.

The drills come at a time when several competing disputes in the South China Sea have begun to intensify. “Since February 25th, we actually have noted as many as nine intrusions of different varieties, but clearly becoming more aggressive and more frequent,” said Del Rosario. Several countries in Asia, including China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, and Taiwan, have territorial claims in the area spanning the Spratly and Paracel Islands. The region may be rich in oil and gas reserves. The US and Philippines have urged the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to address the conflict.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has argued that the United States would remain neutral regarding the disputes. She has also said that the United States has a “national interest” in freedom of navigation, respect for international law, and unimpeded, lawful commerce in the South China Sea.” Both countries are bound by a 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty.

On June 27, the US Senate unanimously passed a motion condemning “the use of force by naval and maritime security vessels from China in the South China Sea.” China, on the other hand, has stated that it will not use force to resolve disputes in the South China Sea.

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At least eight dead as building collapses during construction in China

Sunday, July 6, 2008

At least eight construction workers have died and thirteen more are injured after a building collapsed during construction in Qiuzhigou Village, a suburb of China’s Wuhan City. It is unclear how many more if any are trapped as the project’s coordinator fled and is being sought by police.

The collapse occurred at 5 p.m. local time yesterday and reduced the four-story structure to a five-metre pile of rubble. The building was a private residence and was illegal as authorities had not been informed of it. Its location in an area accessible only via narrow alleys is hampering search and rescue efforts as heavy equipment such as cranes is having difficulty reaching the scene.

Around 100 rescuers continue to pick through the rubble in the rain. An investigation has been launched.

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Race to save Chilean miners trapped underground from spiralling into depression continues

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It has emerged that the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground after the mine they were working in collapsed could be brought to the surface in a shorter time than was initially feared. While officials publicly announced that the men would not be brought to the surface until Christmas, sources inside technical meetings have revealed that they could in fact be on the surface by early November. The news comes as families were allowed to speak by radio-telephone to their trapped loved ones on Sunday. Over the weekend, video images filmed by the miners emerged showing the miners playing dominoes at a table and singing the Chilean national anthem. The miners also used the camera to send video messages to their families on the surface, saying that they regularly broke into tears, but were feeling better having received food and water.

The grainy nightvision images, filmed on a high definition camcorder that was sent down a small shaft to the mine, show the men in good spirits, chanting “long live Chile, and long live the miners.” They are unshaven and stripped to the waist because of the heat underground, and are seen wearing white clinical trousers that have been designed to keep them dry. Giving a guided tour of the area they are occupying, Mario Sepúlveda, one of the miners, explains they have a “little cup to brush our teeth”, and a place where they pray each day. “We have everything organized,” he tells the camera. Gesturing to the table in the center of the room, he says that “we meet here every day. We plan, we have assemblies here every day so that all the decisions we make are based on the thoughts of all 33.” Another unidentified miner asks to rescuers, “get us out of here soon, please.” A thermometer is shown in the video, reading 29.5C (85F).

As the film continues, it becomes evident that the miners have stuck a poster of a topless woman on the wall. The miners appear shy, and one man puts his hand to his face, presumably dazzled by the light mounted on the cameraman’s helmet. One miner sent a message to his family. “Be calm”, he says. “We’re going to get out of here. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts.” Another said that the miners are “sure that there are people here in Chile that are big people, that are powerful people, that are intelligent people, and they have the technology and they will all work together to get us out of here.” Speaking to the camera, one says: “we have had the great fortune that trapped in this mine there are good, professional people. We have electricians, we have mechanics, we have machine operators and we will let you know that while you are working to rescue us on the surface, we are down here ready to help you too.” It has been reported that Mario Gómez, 63, has become the group’s “spiritual leader”, having worked in the mines for over fifty years. He has requested that materials to build a shrine be sent down to the cavern.

Upon seeing the video in a private screening, family members, who are living in a small village of tents at the entrance to the San José copper-gold mine—which they have named Camp Hope—were elated. “He’s skinny, bearded and it was painful to see him with his head hanging down, but I am so happy to see him alive”, said Ruth Contreras, the mother of Carlos Bravo, who is trapped in the mine. The video, of which only a small portion has been released to the public, shows the miners, many of them wearing helmets, cracking jokes and thanking the rescuers for their continued efforts. The supplies are being sent to the men through a small shaft only twelve centimeters wide, and a laboratory has been set up with the purpose of designing collapsible cots and miniature sandwiches, which can be sent down such a narrow space.

CNN reported on Friday that “officials are splitting the men into two shifts so one group sleeps while the other works or has leisure time .. On average, each man has lost 22 pounds (10 kilograms) since they became trapped three weeks ago, and dehydration remains a threat. But a survey of the men indicates that at least nine miners are still too overweight to fit through the proposed rescue shaft. Initially, the miners survived by draining water from a water-cooled piece of equipment. To stay hydrated in the 90-degree mine, each miner must drink eight or nine pints of water per day.”

But while there are jubilant celebrations on the surface that the miners are alive, officials are now nervous that the miners could become depressed, trapped in a dark room the size of a small apartment. Chilean health minister Jaime Mañalich said that, on the video, he saw the telltale signs of depression. “They are more isolated, they don’t want to be on the screen, they are not eating well”, he said. “I would say depression is the correct word.” He said that doctors who had watched the video had observed the men suffering from “severe dermatological problems.” Dr. Rodrigo Figueroa, head of the trauma, stress and disaster unit at the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile, explained that “following the euphoria of being discovered, the normal psychological reaction would be for the men to collapse in a combination of fatigue and stress … People who are trained for emergencies – like these miners – tend to minimize their own needs or to ignore them. When it is time to ask for help, they don’t.” NASA has advised emergency workers that entertaining the miners would be a good idea. They are to be sent a television system complete with taped football matches. Another dilemma facing Mañalich is whether the miners should be permitted to smoke underground. While nicotine gum has been delivered to the miners, sending down cigarettes is a plan that has not been ruled out.

With the news that drilling of the main rescue tunnel was expected to begin on Monday, officials have informed the media that they hope to have the miners out of the mine by Christmas—but sources with access to technical meetings have suggested that the miners could actually be rescued by the first week of November. A news report described the rescue plan—”the main focus is a machine that bores straight down to 688m and creates a chimney-type duct that could be used to haul the miners out one by one in a rescue basket. A second drilling operation will attempt to intercept a mining tunnel at a depth of roughly 350m. The miners would then have to make their way through several miles of dark, muddy tunnels and meet the rescue drill at roughly the halfway point of their current depth of 688m.” Iván Viveros Aranas, a Chilean policeman working at Camp Hope, told reporters that Chile “has shown a unity regardless of religion or social class. You see people arriving here just to volunteer, they have no relation at all to these families.”

But over the weekend, The New York Times reported that the “miners who have astonished the world with their discipline a half-mile underground will have to aid their own escape — clearing 3,000 to 4,000 tons of rock that will fall as the rescue hole is drilled, the engineer in charge of drilling said Sunday … The work will require about a half-dozen men working in shifts 24 hours a day.” Andrés Sougarret, a senior engineer involved in operating the drill said that “the miners are going to have to take out all that material as it falls.”

The families of those trapped were allowed to speak to them by radio-telephone on Sunday—a possibility that brought reassurance both the miners and those on the surface. The Intendant of the Atacama Region, Ximena Matas, said that there had been “moments of great emotion.” She continued to say that the families “listened with great interest and they both felt and realized that the men are well. This has been a very important moment, which no doubt strengthens their [the miners’] morale.” The phone line is thought to be quite temperamental, but it is hoped that soon, those in the mine and those in Camp Hope will be able to talk every day. “To hear his voice was a balm to my heart … He is aware that the rescue is not going to happen today, that it will take some time. He asked us to stay calm as everything is going to be OK … He sounded relaxed and since it was so short I didn’t manage to ask anything. Twenty seconds was nothing”, said said Jessica Cortés, who spoke to her husband Víctor Zamora, who was not even a miner, but a vehicle mechanic. “He went in that day because a vehicle had broken down inside the mine … At first they told us he had been crushed [to death].”

Esteban Rojas sent up a letter from inside the mine, proposing to his long-time partner Jessica Yáñez, 43. While they have officially been married for 25 years, their wedding was a civil service—but Rojas has now promised to have a church ceremony which is customary in Chile. “Please keep praying that we get out of this alive. And when I do get out, we will buy a dress and get married,” the letter read. Yáñez told a newspaper that she thought he was never going to ask her. “We have talked about it before, but he never asked me … He knows that however long it takes, I’ll wait for him, because with him I’ve been through good and bad.”

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Finding The Right Cosmetic Dentist In Findlay, Oh

byAlma Abell

While most people believe that you must have a specialty dentist in Findlay, OH to handle cosmetic procedures, most general dentists can provide cosmetic options in their offices. However, there are some dentists out there that specialize in one or more cosmetic procedures, which allow them to consider themselves a cosmetic dentist.


The ADA (American Dental Association) does not recognize that cosmetic dentistry is a specialty and therefore, no dentist can claim to have a specialty in these procedures. However, many dentists have found that only providing these specialty procedures works well for them and they decide not to handle regular dentistry, such as cleanings, exams and x-rays and only perform those cosmetic procedures that people want. In this way, they are deemed cosmetic dentists.



Each state has its own laws for dentists and cosmetic procedures, though most states do not require additional training to specialize in elective procedures, such as clear braces and bonding. However, it is a requirement that all dentists have formal training and attend accredited schools. There are cosmetic dentistry schools out there that show advanced technologies for specific procedures. Your Findlay, OH dentist may or may not have taken those courses to learn more about technique.


Because each procedure is so different, based on what the patient needs or wants, there is no specific approach to be found for each procedure. When a regular dentist cleans your teeth, he uses special tools and cleaner. However, no such procedure is available for elective options, so there is usually more than one way to handle any procedure.

Finding a Dentist

If you are interested in elective procedures, ask your current dentist, as he or she may already provide those options. Ask them how many of those procedures they do in a year or month. While the number may be lower than a specialty dentist, they should handle the procedure at least once a month. This means that they stay current on the best technologies and are fully capable of handling the procedure well.

While you likely know what you want to be done, it is best to be examined thoroughly first by a dentist, as he or she may be able to offer alternatives that could save you money or have fewer risks than the original plan. Remember that it is ultimately up to you to decide, and you can consider new options or stick with the one you want most.

A cosmetic dentist in Findlay, OH is likely to perform regular dentistry work, as well.

Wikinews interviews candidate for New York City mayor Vitaly Filipchenko

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

In early May, Wikinews extended an invitation to Vitaly Filipchenko, an independent candidate in the 2021 New York City mayoral election, set to take place November 2nd, alongside other candidates. Filipchenko answered some questions about his policies and campaign during a phone interview.

Filipchenko, registered on the New York City Campaign Finance Board as Vitaly A. Filipchenko, is the first Russian candidate for New York City mayor, being born in Tomsk, Siberia in 1973, according to news agency Sputnik. He has since naturalised as a United States citizen. According to the web site, Filipchenko has been educated in road construction and maintenance and owns a moving services company; he describes himself on his web site as a “small business owner”. On his web site’s platform page, he says that “[m]y English may not be perfect – but my platform is.”

Incumbent Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio, who won re-election in the 2017 New York City mayoral election by 66.5%, cannot run for a third term under term limits. As of April 28, 22 candidates are currently running, the majority of whom are also Democrats. Ahead of the June Democratic primary for New York City mayor, a poll conducted May 23 and 24 by WPIX and Emerson College of 12 Democratic candidates with a margin of error of 3.2 per cent has former commissioner for the New York City Department of Sanitation Kathryn Garcia and Borough President of Brooklyn Eric Adams leading with 21.1% and 20.1%, respectively.

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Democratic holdout agrees to support health care reform in US

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A conservative Democratic United States senator has agreed to supply the key 60th vote needed for passage of a sweeping health care reform package. Senate Democrats have reached a breakthrough in their struggle to pass sweeping heath care reform legislation, lining up the 60 votes needed to overcome fierce Republican opposition. Senators met Saturday in Washington, D.C. during a driving snowstorm in a frenzied effort to move forward on President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority.

The spotlight was on moderate Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, who had been the last holdout as Senate Democrats raced against the clock and against determined Republican opposition to pass their health care bill by their self-imposed deadline of December 25th, Christmas.

Change is never easy, but change is what is necessary in America today and and that is why I intend to vote for cloture, I intend to vote for cloture and for health care reform.

Nelson said he is now ready to vote for cloture, which would advance the bill. “Change is never easy, but change is what is necessary in America today and and that is why I intend to vote for cloture, I intend to vote for cloture and for health care reform,” he said.

Nelson said he decided to support the bill after winning new concessions from Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to limit the availability of abortions in insurance sold under the new legislation along with millions of dollars in Medicaid funding for Nebraska.

The legislation would extend health benefits to more than 30 million uninsured Americans and impose new regulations on the health insurance industry.

Senator Reid of Nevada has been working for months to win over one holdout Democratic senator after another, repeatedly altering the bill to satisfy different demands. Reid says reform is essential. “The broken system cannot continue and it will not continue. When President Obama signs this bill into law, we will officially end the era in which insurance companies win only when patients lose,” he said.

The broken system cannot continue and it will not continue. When President Obama signs this bill into law, we will officially end the era in which insurance companies win only when patients lose.

Nelson’s support should pave the way for Senate Democrats to win the first of a series of crucial procedural votes scheduled to begin at one o’clock in the morning on Monday and set to conclude — if everything goes smoothly for them — with final passage on Christmas Eve.

Republicans have been using a number of parliamentary procedures to delay action on the bill, including forcing a reading on the Senate floor Saturday of Reid’s 338-pages of last minute amendments. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky responded to the apparent Democratic breakthrough. “And Democrats are forcing a vote on it, as I indicated, over the weekend, counting on the fact that the American people are preoccupied with Christmas and not paying much attention to what they are doing,” he said.

The history that is being made here, make no mistake about it, the history that is being made here, is the ignoring of the will of the American people.

Republicans are unified in their opposition, saying the bill is too expensive and will not solve the problems with the current health care system. Senator McConnell dismissed claims by Democrats that the bill is historic. “The history that is being made here, make no mistake about it, the history that is being made here, is the ignoring of the will of the American people,” he said.

Senator John McCain of Arizona echoed those comments in the weekly Republican radio address saying, “Regrettably, there’s nothing in this legislation that effectively addresses the problem of health care hyperinflation. In fact, experts tell us the Democrat legislation makes matters worse.”

Democrats say they have been trying to reform the nation’s health care system for close to 70 years, ever since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in office. Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut was emotional as victory seemed within reach. “All we are trying to do is to guarantee that if you are a fellow citizen of ours, and you are struck with illness or a loved one is, that you will never again have that fear, that you will end up losing your home, your job, your retirement and your life savings because you have been afflicted with an illness through no fault of your own.”

If the Senate is able to pass a bill next week, it would be viewed as a major victory for President Obama. But the bill would still need to be reconciled with a health-care reform bill passed last month by the House of Representatives before the president could sign it into law next year.

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Atherosclerosis &Amp; Cholesterol Is There Any Connection}

Atherosclerosis & Cholesterol Is there any connection


Rajeev SahadevanAtherosclerosis an introduction:

Atherosclerosis is a condition that can affect various portions of the body. This is because of plague which is made up of unwanted fatty objects, waste products, calcium, cholesterol and many more. This plague settles in the arterial walls that over prolonged period can narrow or harden leaving you with various health risks. When the walls become narrow, the blood flow is inhibited which will make you susceptible to various diseases such as heart diseases, brain stroke, kidney diseases and many more. For instance, if there is limited blood flow to the heart because of plague build up, it will give you chest pain that will lead to heart attack.

Sometimes plague ruptures in the arterial walls that can also lead to blood clot in heart or it may move to other areas which can hinder the blood flow to vital organs.

Atherosclerosis and cholesterol Causes and effects:

Atherosclerosis and cholesterol does not come with any symptoms especially when you are of young age. Hence it is prudent to get your blood checked once every year. The effects of high cholesterol usually pop up when you are older probably at your 50s or 60s.

One of the main reasons for atherosclerosis is high levels of cholesterol. Other levels include high blood pressure, smoking, drinking etc. If you check closely, you will notice that people who have high levels of cholesterol also come with high triglycerides level which is one of the underlying reason why people are obese. As we are talking about atherosclerosis and cholesterol, the foods you eat can contribute to a great extent in promoting the plague buildup in the arteries. Whenever you consume foods that are rich in bad cholesterol (LDL), you will fasten the purpose of blood clot, plague in the body. For instance,

1. Baked goods such as cookies, cakes that are trans fat

2. Saturated fats such as animal fat (meat, poultry etc.), fried/junk foods3. Dairy products such as cream, milk, etc.4. The above foods can really contribute to your health in many ways and NOT in a good way. So make sure you stay away from these foods.

Homocysteine is another factor that can contribute to raising not only the cholesterol levels but also in development of plague in the body.

Natural remedy for cholesterol:

There are many natural remedies for cholesterol which will help you eradicate unwanted cholesterol from the body. Some of the foods are fiber induced which blocks the absorption of bad cholesterol in the body thereby avoiding growth of atherosclerosis in the body. The foods are natural remedy for cholesterol and control spike of unwanted blood sugar/pressure levels very much that will chuck chances of heart diseases or diabetes.

1. Whole grain foods such as oats, bran, wheat etc.

2. Beans, legumes and other lentils3. Yogurt (diet free)4. Nuts such as pistachios, almonds, walnuts etc. (not the salted ones)

Take initiative now and get rid of unwanted atherosclerosis and cholesterol from the body. Adults in their 20s or 30s who have a family history of high cholesterol or heart disease can take remedial measures now by incorporating natural remedies in their life. Risks pertaining to atherosclerosis and cholesterol can really be eradicated by taking Choleslo regularly.

Choleslo is one of the best health supplements in the market which will help you to combat cholesterol naturally without any side effects. Unlike statins which gives you temporary relief, Choleslo is a wonder product which reaches the core problem of the body and kicks LDL cholesterol in the shins thereby eliminating even the slightest chance of heart risk in the body.

Some of the natural ingredients of Choleslo include phytosterols, artichoke leaf extract, guggulsterones, garlic deoderized and many more which have placed their name years ago in various traditional books such as Ayurveda, Chinese etc. these ingredients have the power to boost HDL levels by a great extent while converting the LDL into something purposeful in the body. A purity certified product, all the batches of Choleslo are individually checked by a third party lab so as to double verify if the contents match the label. This avoids availability of lot of fake products in the market claiming to be the original Choleslo.

With numerous products in the market, I understand it is difficult to opt for a particular one especially when every brand claims to have pure content. Keeping this in mind, HFL solutions of Choleslo gives you 200% satisfaction guarantee. This means that in case if you are not satisfied with the results within a specified period, simply return and get your money back with an extra $100 in your pocket for the trouble you had gone through. Note that this is one of the toughest bet that HFL solutions has provided to the customers and to its competitors which till now no one could ever beat. I personally recommend to buy from the original website to prevent any fraudulent purchase from random websites. With various discount offers and guarantee, it is hard to avoid Choleslo and to top it on there are more than thousands of users who vouch that the product actually works.

Last words:

Bottomline, atherosclerosis and cholesterol should not be taken lightly and needs to be dealt with promptly as ignorance is not bliss always. Stay in perfect body by implementing all the good foods, staying away from stress and just doing the right thing which will keep you happy and positive always.



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Israel to build new settlements in West Bank

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Israel announced Sunday that it plans to build several hundred new housing facilities in the occupied West Bank, days after several Israelis were killed in an attack on Friday.

According to officials, a meeting on Saturday of a government committee resulted in the decision to build up to 500 new housing units, all within existing settlements. The new buildings are to be constructed in areas that Israel expects to retain control of in the event of any potential peace accord with Palestine.

A Palestinian spokesperson said that Israel’s decision was “wrong and unacceptable and will only create problems.” The building of settlements by Israel is widely criticized; in February fourteen of the fifteen United Nations Security Council members, with the US the only exception, supported a resolution that would demand Israel stop further construction.

The announcement of the new buildings came days after five Israelis were stabbed to death on Friday night, in an attack suspected to be of Palestinian origin. In response to the attack, residents of the area had asked the Israeli government to build new housing facilities.

The attacks were referenced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said in a statement that he had “noticed that several countries that always hasten to the U.N. Security Council in order to condemn Israel, the state of the Jews, for planning a house in some locality, or for laying some tiles somewhere, have been dilatory in sharply condemning the murder of Jewish infants.”

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with NDP candidate Glenn Crowe, Bramalea-Gore-Malton

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Glenn Crowe is running for the NDP in the Ontario provincial election, in the Bramalea-Gore-Malton riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Crowe did not reply to various questions asked.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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