Traditional Open Spine Surgery Vs Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Traditional Open Spine Surgery VS Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


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Traditional Open Spine Surgery

To be able to do traditional open spine surgery, the neurosurgeons need to make an incision and open up layers of tissue so that it would be large enough not only to accommodate all the tools which are needed during the operation but also to allow the doctors to see what is inside the body. Although there minimally invasive spine surgery is now available, there are still doctors who still perform using the open procedure because most of the tools used for the operation are still too large to fit the small incision.

Due to the increase risks involved in open spinal procedure, a pressure on developing methods and tools that could be used in minimally invasive spine surgery is given to scientists and researchers of this field of medicine. Doctors and patients alike have high hopes that in the near future, these minimally invasive tools and methods would be developed so that less danger, stress, and fear would be felt.


Traditional Open Spine Surgery Procedure

Some procedures that still make use of the traditional open spine surgery include the anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, cervical foraminotomy, posterior lumbar interbody fusion, anterior lumbar interbody fusion, spinal fusion, cervical corpectomy, transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion, decompressive lumbar laminectomy, cervical laminoplasty, and many other.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

In minimally invasive spine surgery, it is a must that the neurosurgeons pinpoint the exact location on where to make an incision so that they could have access to the part of the spine that needs the surgery. To make sure of this, they could use different imaging techniques such as X-rays or the MRI to help them see. They also use endoscopes, which could be inserted through the small incision that is made during the surgery. In addition to the endoscope, tools that are used during the surgery would also be able to fit the small incision so that the neurosurgeons would not need to make a larger one. Instead of scalpels, they would use lasers to cut or remove pieces of tissue or bone that may be causing the disease.

Although a lot of people might prefer this method because it is far less traumatic than the open surgery, people should also consider the rate of successful surgeries. It has not yet been proven that spine fusion treatments are better using this method so it is still safe to say that open spine surgery could still be better in this field.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Procedures

With the discovery of minimally invasive spine surgery, the scientists have developed a few procedures which make use of this type of surgery. This includes kyphoplasty, endoscopic scoliosis surgery, microscopic discectomy, disc decompression, and vertebroplasty. All these methods are used to remove parts of the spine which could cause an increase in pressure in the surrounding nerves which would then cause the back pain that most patients experience. Back pain may be the main reason why most patients seek the help of a neurosurgeon to perform an operation on them.

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Traditional Open Spine Surgery VS Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery