How To Kiss Breasts?

Breasts are an important sexual asset of women. A woman with good sized breasts has a magnifying affect on men. Licking and kissing the breasts is an important part of foreplay and if you can do it properly, it may lead to her orgasm. It’s a fact that some women achieve orgasm only by breast stimulation.

Following are the useful tips on how to kiss a woman’s breasts properly

*Always make sure that your lips are moist while kissing a woman’s breasts. Start kissing the outside of her breasts

*Slowly move towards each nipple while kissing and exhale air over them so that the woman can feel the warmth of your breath. This will give her sexual arousal.


*Flick your tongue while kissing her nipples and never forget to circle her areola with the help of your tongue tip.

*While licking, observe her moves. If she starts moaning or jerking, it shows that you are getting a positive response for your act.

*If she is sexually aroused, her nipples will become erect. At this time, you should harden your tongue and start sucking and nibbling on it. At times, her nipples may not get erect. In such a case, you should suck on each nipple and release each one of them while inhaling closely to her nipple.

*Cup one breast with the help of your hand while you suck the other. Remember to lick other parts of a woman’s breast. Kiss the cleavage and the space under her breast.

*Be sensitive to her feelings and ask her what she likes and dislikes. Some women want light nibbling while others want even serious biting. Listen to her moans and carefully observe her jerks because if you can feel her pleasure, you are sure of being called a ‘sex God”

*Try different moves, as the same routine will be monotonous and will spoil the beauty of your sexual intercourses.

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