The Importance Of Property Law Services In St. Louis, Mo

byAlma Abell

Real estate is the type of investment that should be part of a well-diversified portfolio. The fact is, anyone purchasing a piece of real estate is technically an investor. If a person buys a house to live in, this is an investment. If an individual purchases a large piece of land for future development, this is an investment. People who purchase multiple homes or condominiums to rent are also investing in real estate. However, whether an individual is buying or selling real estate, he or she will probably need property law services in St. Louis, MO.


Many times, the role of a real estate attorney and a realtor can be confused. The fact is that there are certain services that both a real estate attorney and a realtor can provide. One of those things is the negotiations of terms when it comes to buying or selling a piece of property. A realtor can negotiate price and other terms. However, by using someone who understands the nuances of a real estate contract, a person might get better terms and conditions than they would by using a realtor.

Another area where property law services in St. Louis, MO, benefits an individual buying or selling property is the creation of a contract. When a person has purchased a piece of property and is looking to rent or lease the property to an individual or business, an attorney can draft a lease agreement. In addition, when purchasing or selling a piece of property, conveying the title, drafting sale agreements, and reviewing every aspect of the transition is precisely what a real estate attorney does.

Lastly, should the need arise for litigation, perhaps somebody in the buying and selling process has breached a contract agreement, an attorney can advise the client as to what they should do. Property law services in St. Louis, MO, are also good to have if a home is facing foreclosure.

There are far more details to the role of a real estate attorney that can be mentioned here. If you feel you have a need for these legal services, a visit to the offices of Van Dillen & Flood, P.C. may be in order.