How To Teach Your Dog Basic Obedience}

How to Teach Your Dog Basic Obedience


Thomas Turner

You’ll come to find that the old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”, is completely false. A dog, no matter what age they are, can learn to do basic obedience. You just have to know a few things yourself. Everyone can train a dog, but if you’re not training them correctly they’re not going to pick up on it, and it’s going to learn you frustrated, and your poor dog extremely confused. So to make it easier on everyone take these simple tips on how to teach your dog to do these four basic commands:

1. ComeYour dog should know when to come at your command. You’ll find that you can do this simply by letting them wander on a long leash and then pulling them towards you when calling ‘come’ or their name. You’ll find that this can go a long way towards making them safer when it comes to taking them off of your property, like to the park or to the countryside. Praise them when they come back to you, no matter how long it takes them to figure this out.2. DownIt can be annoying and frustrating when your puppy jumps up on you; think about how much worse it could be if they did it as a full-grown dog? If you are looking to make sure that your dog doesn’t jump up on you, give them the command down and ignore them until they have all four paws on the ground. Remember that your dog is jumping up on you to get your attention, and that if you don’t give it to them that they should stop and see what is going on.3. HeelThe command “heel” is one of the most time consuming. While all tricks and commands will take persistence, and patience this command will need a little extra time for your dog to grasp fully. It’s hard for your dog to understand that their place is a 2-3 foot space right by your side. For this command put your dog on a short lead. Every time they pull too far forward, say in a stern voice, “HEEL!”, and tug sharply toward you and the lead. Repeat this action if they fall too far behind. When your dog obeys, praise them. Remember: This is not only to ensure proper behavior, but also helps protect your dog from future health problems. When they pull too hard on the lead it crushes their windpipe, giving them breathing problems later in life. Plus, if they wander too far from you, you can never see what they are getting into, and if they consume something off the ground you’ll never know if it was harmful. Plus, eating random things off the ground causes havoc to their digestive system, which will cause doggy messes at home. Creating frustration, stress, and could end up costing you a vet visit if what they ate was harmful.4. SitThere are plenty of situations where you want to let your dog sit and cool their heels for a while, and it is lucky that this is one of the most easy commands to learn. Say the command word while keeping their head up and pressing their hindquarters down; this can tell them what you want out of them. Praise them when they do this, and you’ll find that they will soon respond.Be persistent, consistent, and have a little patience. This and repetitiveness is what it’s going to take for your dog to understand what you expect from them.

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How to Teach Your Dog Basic Obedience}

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