Buy Land In Hawaii Inch By Inch}

Buy Land in Hawaii Inch by Inch


S MogerAloha! Are you interested in owning land in the beautiful State of Hawaii? You know the land of the pineapple and grass skirts? Well here is the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for. American Acres, Inc., a New York City based company, is growing inch by inch” in the truest sense of the words. A Web surfer who visits the Own a Piece of America website,

can become the proud owner of land in the community of Hawaiian Ocean View Estates on the Big Island of Hawaii for as little as $3.95.

OK. OK. Watch’s the catch? Well sure, the parcels are small, only one square inch in size, but the deed one can purchase proving ownership of your mini-estate is full-sized, in color, with the customer’s name on it and that’s what counts. This has to be one of the most unique gift ideas

since the pet rock.

American Acres, on its website, is quick to emphasize that these coveted parcels can’t be built on, lived on or retired on. Owners cannot make any improvements or develop the parcels. Owners shall not occupy the parcels and must grant rights of ingress and egress over their parcel. But they are completely free of additional responsibility and obligations. And the fun of bragging about owning land is priceless, to say the least.” Isn’t this one of the most unusual gifts


Just go to

and see for yourself. You can choose any state of your choice, or even buy all 50 states at one time, on one single personalized deed.

These legal, personalized land Deeds are great for holidays like Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine’s Day and of course birthdays. It is the perfect personalized gift idea. Just go to the Own A Piece of America website to a learn more about the Deeds. In fact you might want to buy a Deed to the United States – one Deed that entitles you to ownership of one square inch of land in all 50 states at once. Check it out at their website.Those who do love Hawaii and manage to get a Deed to Hawaii for themselves, no doubt will want to know that the state capital is Honolulu, that according to the 2000 US census the population of Hawaii (all islands) is 1,211,537, that the state bird is the Nene (Hawaiian goose), that the Yellow Hibiscus is the state flower, and that the state tree is the Kukui. Although use of the land may be limited, the responsibilities (as one would hope) are equally minimal. No paying taxes of any kind…ever! Owners need not mow their lawn, take out the trash, throw away junk mail, participate in local jury duty, or endure any other daily adversities associated with being a land owner. Never before has something so small become so big. Land from the Own A Piece of America program has been sold around the world in China, Japan, India, Germany, Russia, Spain, The United Kingdom, Canada, of course the USA and many other countries.

Scott Moger is an International Entrepreneur and author. He’s CEO of E-Max, Inc. ( and is publishing an e-book on international Internet marketing and will include a profile of the website

as well as a dozen other websites. Mr. Moger also writes under the nom de plume of Jack Torrington and Jonathan Plight.

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