Getting Your Property Seen And Rented Fast

byAlma Abell

Finding suitable property managers in Santa Clara for your rental home or commercial building can be a great investment to consider. Perhaps you have multiple homes for rent, but don’t have enough time to properly list them and then handle everything when it comes to getting a tenant in there. Or years of experience and all of the resources for closing a deal will get your property rented fast.

High Amount of Rental Exposure

Getting your house or commercial building listed for the public to see is the only way you are going to get a tenant inside. Having it listed locally on flyers and newsletters, online with virtual tours and photo galleries, as well as on the MLS which can link a dozen sites or more if applicable to your rental will go a long way to getting it seen and rented quickly.

Thorough Tenant Screening Process

Once a potential tenant is found, they go through a thorough screening process to be sure they are reliable and mature. Past landlords are contacted for references, employment and income history is verified, and their driver’s license is checked. This helps to guarantee any tenant in your house or commercial building will keep it in good repair while staying current on their rental or lease obligations. Should a tenant not meet those goals once they are in a rental, the managers will handle any eviction process that may be needed. You never have to deal with it!

In-House and Outsourced Repairs when Needed

Inspections are done on your property every six months to ensure a tenant is not damaging your house or commercial building. Should any minor maintenance issues arise, managers can usually fix these immediately without having to bother you. If any major damage needs repaired, outsourcing to local reliable and trusted vendors with insurance and proper licenses will get your rental fixed and back to earning an income. There is never a need for you to have to attempt repairs yourself or try and find a company to do them for you. It’s all covered by your property managers.

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