Custom Lasik The Side Effect Free Eye Surgery

Custom LASIK – The Side Effect Free Eye Surgery by Philip C. ThomasThe field of medicine has seen a tremendous improvement today. LASIK eye surgery is one of the outcomes of that improvement resulted by the technological advancement in the medical field. LASIK stands for Laser assisted in situ Keratomileusis. One of the most preferred form of LASIK eye surgery is custom LASIK.Not every one is suitable to undergo the Custom procedure of LASIK eye surgery. Food and Drug Administration has stringent guidelines on who should be considered for this type of treatment. Only those who qualify these stipulations will be given custom LASIK treatment.Custom LASIK is not suitable to treat all forms of corneal aberrations, it can be used only to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. It is one of the most expensive forms of eye surgery procedures. The type of procedure required to treat your eye will be decided by your ophthalmologist after a close examination of your eye condition.Custom LASIK is also called wavefront LASIK because of the wavefront tool it uses to diagnose the faults in the cornea. The wavefront tool is used to create a 3D image of the cornea. This 3D map will help the surgeon to decide the approach to LASIK eye surgery. One of the reasons why many people choose Custom LASIK is because it has very few post operative side effects.LASIK eye surgery is performed through a series of steps including the one week preparatory period. As one of the procedures, the patient who is to undergo this surgery is asked to stop using their contact lenses. As part of the preparation, the surgeon measures the thickness of the cornea and the patient is also given antibiotics to ensure that there is no post operative infection.The Custom LASIK procedure involves creation of a flap in the cornea as the first stage and as the second step, the inner layer of the cornea is resized based on the aberration. During the eye surgery, the patient remains conscious and will be administered with local anesthetic in the form of eye drops.After the remodeling of the inner corneal tissues the flap is placed in position. Custom LASIK does not use any additional material to hold the flap in place. The corneal tissue heals through natural means. Since LASIK eye surgery uses natural healing process, the side effects are very less.At the completion of the LASIK eye surgery the patient has to take all possible preventive measures so as to avoid any possible infections of the eye. Though Custom LASIK procedure has very little post operative risks, usual care is given like any other form of eye surgery. The patients are given special dark glasses after the Custom LASIK procedure to prevent the exposure to bright light that will hinder the healing process.Before you see to a salesperson at the surgery center get the unbiased facts about the risks and rewards of custom lasik. Look at these great resources on lasik eye surgery. Article Source: